If you happened to suffer through Ted Cruz’s mad announcement of his candidacy for president, you have experienced one of the great theatrical performances of modern politics. As a Joe McCarthy figure in appearance and hostility, he also wanted to impress the planet that he’s also a Christian and “Reaganesque “. On that score, he was not only Ted Cruz playing McCarthy but also as Ted Cruz playing Elmer Gantry as we all awaited the parting of the heavens.

Get ready for it, folks, the circus has officially come to town. And in what more hospitable tent than Liberty University, the conservative academic enclave founded by the late Jerry Falwell? (My references to McCarthy’s red-baiting that destroyed lives is not over the top. Cruz once declared that during his years in Harvard Law School, there were more communists than Republicans on the premises. Not that I see anything that positive in either group.)

Cruz has yet to perfect McCarthy’s dyspeptic display of impatience during a committee hearing by vaulting from his chair in feigned disgust. It was later reported that Joe was merely dashing from the stage for a much-needed potty break.

He has struck one dissonant chord after another that appeals mightily to the Tea Party, describing President Obama as the “most lawless president in history” – and with the zeal of an anarchist has targeted for burial Obamacare, the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Education, the National Endowment for the Arts – etc. etc, etc.

Yet …yet…he told the Des Moines Register that he and his wife Heidi are signing up up for Obamacare now that she has taken leave from her Goldman Sachs health plan to play an active role in her husband’s campaign!

Madness is spreading in the campaign. Cruz need only worry now that he will bottom too soon. Not to be outdone by Cruz, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson quickly added his penny’s worth of toxicity by describing Obama as a “psychopath” who has turned America into Nazi Germany.