As the Bill O’Reilly claim to journalistic fame and fortune continues to crumble under the forces of respected fact-checkers, he has shown demonic interest in poisoning his accusers. Among his later counter punches: CBS’ Bob Schieffer, described by Billo as a plagiarist.

If you want to judge the comedy in all of this, consider the fact that the forever on-the-scene Fox News King once claimed that he won the Prestigious Peabody award for distinguished journalism. When that turned up as a lie, he said he mistakenly meant two Polk awards. (These didn’t happen either.)

As he continues to defend the purity of Fox News, you might be interested in the tale of the surveys. PolitiFact, the highly respected non-partisan rating system, produced these figures on the accuracy of what advances to its audience, night and day:

True, 14.11 pct.

Mostly true, 14.11 pct.

Mostly false, 26.20 pct.

False, 39.30 pct.

Anybody wanna argue with those stats?