As Gov. John “Sunny” Kasich’s budget proposal wobbles forward, he may come to realize that with friends like the Plain Dealer, he will have to hunker down before more enemies. That reality burst onto the media scene in the PD’s full page blast at the governor’s nearly $1 billion sweetness-and- light plan for charter schools.

With a commanding depiction of swirling $100 bills, the paper roared: Charter schools can expect a tsunami of cash “while traditional public schools resources ebb.”

PDCASHCHARTERS“The governor’ plan would continue the cannibalization of Ohio’s public schools,” the paper observed. . “That’s especially so since the Ohio General Assembly itself has been all too willing over the years to pick the pockets of traditional public schools to pad the pockets of the private interests behind for-profit charters and the lobbyists who represent them – and far too unwilling to tighten Ohio’s shamefully lax regulatory framework for charters.”

It concluded:’The state musty stop a school funding approach that, to benefit deficient charter schools, is hollowing out the ability of public schools to function.”

There have been signs everywhere that the public schools supporters are growing more restless – outspokenly so – about the state’s sweetheart deals and the wealth generated to private charter operators. And when the state’s biggest newspaper that is usually friendly to the governor turns over an entire page to disparaging his hocus-pocus plan, you’d have to think the public schools may yet win the day in their efforts to stop the bleeding incurred by privately run for-profit charters.