While Gov. Kasich was doing his sunny Project Runway cameo in South Carolina, the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index reported today that Ohioans hardly share his widely touted Ohio Miracle. Indeed, the Buckeye state finished 47th in the survey, just ahead of Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia. Might have been even worse, but didn’t Ohio State just win the national collegiate football championship?

Each of the 50 states were rated in the 2014 poll from more than 176,000 interviews based on five “essential elements of well-being”, Gallup said. These included “motivation to achieve goals… positive social relationships… economic satisfaction……feeling safe and having pride in where you live…and taking care of your health”.

Regarding that last element, it didn’t help that Kasich and Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor opposed those health exchanges in the Affordable Care Act. Even the Buckeye gridders couldn’t help that.

  • Hanhnibal

    The news anchors on channel 10, WBNS Columbus, had a good chuckle over this, saying, that, hey!, we have Ohio State and lots of great restaurants. Seems like everyone in the capital forgets that Ohio exists outside of Franklin County.

  • dmoore2222

    Anti-women, anti-worker, anti-gay, frackin John and his republican cronies have worn everyone down. Ohio is a tired and sad place.

  • Nottheusual1

    That’s OK — the real Ohioans wonder where that is. New food booth at The Shoe, maybe?

  • 333SAL

    Interesting little depressed pocket in the middle of the country, huh? Trailing Mississippi should be a matter of grave concern, but I’d bet few corporate media channels in Ohio pick that up. Joking aside, this needs some official attention.

    On the subject of poll validity, there remain a lot of questions. For ex., the rating of New Mexico in the top ten of this phone poll: how many Native Americans on the Rez had any input on this? There’s a lot of economic and social depression in NM, but somehow the surrounding territory near Gallup, NM, “Heart of Indian Country” (according to Wiki) just might not have been sufficiently represented in this official poll.

  • anastasjoy

    I just read an article about the huge corruption on the Albuquerque police force (worse than Cleveland’s), that among other things mentioned the state has the largest equality gap in the country as well as the fact that police brutality almost entirely impacts Hispanics, Native Americans and the mentally ill. Doesn’t sound so great to me unless you are white and affluent.

  • anastasjoy

    HA! (From the poll): “Many aspects of well-being have improved since 2014 to their best levels since measurement began in 2008. … The rate of uninsured Americans fell to a low of 12.9% in the fourth quarter of 2014, indicating that millions of previously uninsured Americans now have insurance.”

  • goofproof

    Thanks, Obama! Think how much better Ohio would have benefitted from the national economic recovery without Kasich in the way.

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