State Senator Chris Widener’s Twitter account is something to behold!

His Twitter profile description appears to have been ripped straight from some Tea Party dating website (OKStupid?), with claims that he is a “Conservative” and an “Outdoorsman” and someone who is working to “Support tax payers” and “connect job seekers – employers.”

Dating jokes aside, it’s clear this account is not personal since his Tweets are almost always related to senate business, and his profile provides a link to his official Ohio Senate webpage.

WidenerBlockedOddly, according to Twitter, Plunderbund has been “blocked from following @ChrisWidenerOH and viewing @ChrisWidenerOH’s Tweets.”

It’s true that we’ve written about State Senator Chris Widener many times.  And more than a few of those articles were not positive.  But should an official (or even semi-official) social media account for a sitting state senator be blocking and hiding content from fellow Ohioans?

We’re going to go with …. nope!

On February 4th, Widener retweeted some sage, self-helpy advice: “Every day is a day you can be a better person than you were yesterday.”

We highly recommend Mr. Widener listen to his own Twitter tips.


  • Maggi Cook

    You’re not so special, I was blocked by my State Rep – apparently she didn’t like my questions. She’s no longer in office, but oddly enough still stalks me on social media.

  • Charlotte Bard Joseph

    Hey! Join the party! My elected representative to the Ohio House, the inestimable Andrew Brenner blocked me from his Twitter account recently. The only opinion that matters is theirs. I think it must be ALEC advice. Shun the dissenters.

  • Stephen Beard

    Are Tweets on the part of a state senator within the boundaries of public comment? If you have the $$, a lawsuit would clarify the question.

  • Natalie

    I was just thinking the same thing! Really, you are blocking people from twitter?? Maybe I will just have to take out a piece of paper and a pen and write to you, you jerk! What are you going to do- send it back? And why did you run for office in the first place if you didn’t expect to hear the voices of your constituents! I am going to send him a tweet right now!

  • Angela Greben

    This is a perfect example of #DiscriminatoryTwitterBlocking. It is a threat to democracy. Government and the officials who serve in government positions are to remain open to public scrutiny and criticism. The right to #LetUsRedress our government for our grievances is in the First Amendment…

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