The hard-working dandies on the Republican team in Columbus are demonstrating that Ohio is on the move!

Here’s the latest exciting evidence:

Gov. Kasich is transporting his “Sunny Persona” ( Washington Post reference, not mine) to South Carolina and West Virginia to continue his pitch for a balanced budget constitutional amendment.

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel spoke at a fund-raising “gala’ by a conservative group in Washington.

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted also went to Washington to testify on the evil effect of President Obama’s immigration policy that would screw up his epic battle to rid the voter rolls of fraudulent apparitions.

Don’t know where Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor is at this moment, although I’ve read that she spends a lot of her time commuting to her home in Green.

And it seems that never a day passes that Ohio Atty. General Mike DeWine or his footmen aren’t somewhere out of state, by God, multitasking in court against Obamacare, same sex marriage and abortion.

Kasich’s “sunny persona”? To the Post’s Robert Costa: What am I missing?