Ohio Senator Rob Portman is up for reelection next year and the latest poll by Quinnipiac University shows he has some problems. “Ohio voters approve 40 – 21 percent of the job U.S. Sen. Rob Portman is doing and say 37 – 28 percent that he deserves reelection in 2016,” according to Quinnipiac‘s February 10th release..

But have no fear Portman supporters, the junior senator from Ohio appears to have enlisted the help of failed-senate candidate Josh Mandel to help him claw his way back from his current 37% approval rating.  What could possibly go wrong?

USGOV_PORTMANOne day before the release of Portman’s poor polling, the campaign sent out an email in which Mandel endorsed Portman for his 2016 reelection bid, claiming Portman “is fighting to stop the liberal agenda coming from President Obama and the Democrats in Washington.”  Because, you know, the strategy of attacking your opponent for being too liberal worked so well for Mandel in 2012 when Sherrod Brown clobbered his inexperienced ass by 6 points.

Portman also seems to be taking Mandel’s advice on another front: campaigning by using government resources to promote and run “townhall” meetings.

Last year Mandel received criticism for spending tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on telephone townhalls during his campaign for Ohio treasurer.  The NEOMG pointed out that most people left the calls after 5 minutes.  Plunderbund noted that Mandel completely lied on the calls.

We received a call this evening from a number identified on the caller ID as “US GOVT.”  The message from Portman’s recorded voice invited us to a telephone townhall meeting to discuss the issues we “care about” and to get “an update on Washington.”

You can hear the audio of the robocall below.


Democrats PG Sittenfeld and Ted Strickland have both expressed interest in taking on Rob next year.