Gov Kasich’s mad dash to school tax reforms that played off suburban districts against their poorer cousins took a direct hit from an old friend that posted its complaint in a full- page layout on Wednesday titled: Not Good Enough.NotGoodEnough

While allowing that his formula contained “some sense”, the editorial declared:

“Poorer districts should get more money, but it should not come at the expense of often struggling suburban districts that are just climbing out of the Great Recession.”

Coming from the PD, such dissent from Ohio’s biggest newspaper might remove a little of the edge from his swaggering path to his State of the State address in Wilmington on Feb . 24. (Tickets by lottery, only)

In asserting that the Kasich plan was a “Robin Hood” school budget proposal, It concluded, “The Ohio legislature needs to find a better way to fund Ohio’s schools.”

So here we go again, the eternal shell game, perfected a half-century ago by Gov. Rhodes, on how to educate our kids by moving tax money around without really conceding that that we need more than sin taxes – raising the cigarette tax a dollar? – to pay for public education. On that score, you’d have to concede that cigarettes do offer a benefit to offset lung disease.

At least to hurrying politicians who seem to be eyeing the White House.

  • Think.

    The governor’s education plan is to starve the public school communities to generate some acceptance of his privatization agenda. Satisfied constituents cannot be seduced.

  • anastasjoy

    I don’t understand how he can explode the state budget by $10 billion — the most eye-popping increase in Ohio history — and allocate less than 10 % of that for schools. if he’s going to spend like a drunken sailor (and apparently he is), HALF of that should have gone to education. What IS he spending it on or are we not allowed to know?

  • dmoore2222

    Remember. This is a teacher hater we’re talking about. I wouldn’t doubt that he exercises his disdain for public educators with every funding decision he makes. That’s how small a man he is. The same guy who went to great lengths to disparage a policeman in front of a large audience for just doing his job. Ohio knew what they were getting with this vindictive creep yet voted him in TWICE.

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