In Ohio, 202,379 people are signed up for coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace, The Department of Health and Human Servcies reported last week on a conference call with invited reporters. Nearly 7.5 million consumers selected a plan or were automatically re-enrolled through the platform as of Jan. 30, 2015.

Localized data from HHS offered another level of detail to better understand total plan selections within local communities ahead of the Feb. 15 deadline. As of Jan. 30 –

  • 41,837 consumers in the Cleveland-Elyria, OH local area selected or were automatically enrolled in a plan.
  • 32,827 consumers in the Columbus, OH local area selected or were automatically enrolled in a plan.
  • 32,453 consumers in the Cincinnati, OH-KY-IN, (OH and IN portions of MSA only) local area selected or were automatically enrolled in a plan.
  • 12,082 consumers in the Dayton, OH local area selected or were automatically enrolled in a plan.With just six days left before the February 15 deadline and the end of this year’s Open Enrollment, HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell said, “Time is running out. Consumers should shop at for an affordable plan that fits their budget and health needs and join the 202,379 individuals in Ohio who have signed up to date. 84 percent of Ohio consumers who have signed up for coverage qualify for financial assistance to help lower the cost of their premiums.”

MSAs are geographic areas designated by the Office of Management and Budget and have populations of at least 50,000. A number of MSAs cross state lines. In the cases where MSAs cross into states using their own enrollment platforms, only data from the portions of the MSA using the platform are included.

Five Facts about Open Enrollment in Ohio

  1. Since Open Enrollment began on Nov. 15, 202,379 Ohio consumers have selected a plan or were automatically re-enrolled.
  2. In the first two months of Open Enrollment, 84 percent of Ohio consumers who selected health insurance plans were determined eligible for financial assistance to lower their monthly premiums.
  3. In Ohio, consumers can choose from 16 issuers in the Marketplace in 2015 – up from 12 in 2014.
  4. Ohio consumers can choose from an average of 54 health plans in their county for 2015 coverage – up from 30 in 2014.
  5. 75 percent of Ohio Marketplace enrollees as of Dec. 2014 could obtain coverage for $100 or less after any applicable tax credits in 2015.

The Ohio Department of Insurance, whose director is also lieutenant governor, offers lots of news but precious little on the Feb. 15th deadline sign up for the ACA this year. In her testimony before a congressional committee in May of 2013, Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor cited a Department commissioned report conducted by Milliman, Inc. that projects other impacts Ohio will face as the ACA is implemented.  The report anticipates average premiums would increase in the individual market in Ohio between 55 percent and 85 percent, and some small businesses could see premium increases of up to 150 percent while others could see decreases of up to 40 percent. “I am concerned with the lack of flexibility Ohio will have moving forward.” Taylor said.  “As we continue our work in Ohio to bring down health care costs and improve the quality of care, we will face significant challenges.”

As for Ohio’s governor, John Kasich, his media page shows not even one mention of the ACA, its benefits or news about the sign-up deadline. Gov. Kasich has said he believes the ACA is flawed and should be replaced. Ohio’s health market exchange is run by HHS because Kasich and Taylor said it was too expensive for Ohio to run.