Policy Matters Ohio put out a report today confirming what nearly everyone in Ohio already knew: John Kasich’s proposed tax reform plan is a total piece of garbage that is bad for most Ohioans.

According to Policy Matters, “Tax cuts would average $11,906 a year for the top 1 percent” of Ohio’s tax payers under Kasich’s proposed tax “reform” plan.  “The bottom 60 percent, on average, would see increases” of up $116 a year.   In total, 80% of Ohioans would see zero change or a tax increase under Kasich’s proposed plan.

This budget, like all of Kasich’s other budgets, appears to have been crafted by a team of Kasich yes-men, hiding away in some windowless room, without the advice, guidance or input of Ohio’s legislators, stakeholders or citizens.

And just like Kasich’s other tax plans, this one seems destined for the trash bin as Ohio’s Republican-lead legislature begins their delicate dance: scrambling to find a replacement plan palatable to their members and the public while smiling and pretending not to hate Kasich for dropping a cart full of crap on their desks without any warning.

We here at Plunderbund wish them all the best of luck!