A funny thing happened to Mike DeWine, Ohio’s driven attorney general, on his way to doing harm to the Affordable Care Act. An old friend, the Akron Beacon Journal, decided that enough is enough.

In a decidedly unfriendly editorial, the paper accused the state’s loosely-defined top lawyer (and spiritual leader with born-again Gov. Kasich catching up) of “over the top language” in his lawsuit against Obamacare that claims federal health-care tax was “unprecedented”. Such hysteria by a public servant, even when untrue, has long marked DeWine’s s sleepless nights in assailing the act that the U.S. Supreme Court has declared constitutional.

“DeWine doesn’t skimp on outrage,” the paper said. “He says ‘it ‘threatens radically to alter’ the system of checks and balances” suggesting that our AG is “working on his credibility with those in the Republican Party who cannot get a enough of bashing the Affordable Care Act” . As for the cost passed down to the states, it is fair to ask, as the paper said, whether DeWine or anyone else considers whether the tax would be outweighed by the taxpayers’ legal costs of a lawsuit.

Of equal concern is that four state universities have chosen to descend to DeWine’s level by foolishly adding their names to the suit: the University of Akron, Bowling Green State, Youngstown State and and Shawnee State. Whose demeaning idea was that in the upper ranks of the campus? Will they be forced to show that their shares of the taxes could very well be less than the money they spend on far less critical matters?

“What Ohioans might ask in fairness,” the BJ concluded “is whether the attorney general has weighed adequately the cost of launching a lawsuit that seems more ideological than a measured reading of the law.”

Ideological, yes. As AG, DeWine & Co. , has headed to the Supremes more than 50 times, frequently cradled in culturally conservative issues, never in doubt about the righteousness of his causes.

Good for the Beacon Journal, which endorsed Mike in the November election with the usual huzzahs about his presence in Columbus.

Goodgoodgood! Just up the road at the equally DeWine-friendly Plain Dealer, the editorial silence was deafening – or did I miss seeing it? Don’t think so.

  • anastasjoy

    Every day I hear from another friend kept out of bankruptcy or destitution or able to get health care at ALL because of the Affordable Care Act. This isn’t just ideological; this is depraved cruelty. And I will have some choice words for BGSU next time they send me an expensive mailer looking for donations for new buildings and athletics which at BGSU will always be a money loser. Maybe they should prioritize health care for their employees instead. Ghastly.

  • Frosty

    What do you expect from DeWine and Warren County. You do not get much redder than that.

  • stryx

    Seriously, why those 4 schools? Their Board of Trustees? Kasich and Co strong-arming them? Did they have some sort of vote to agree to join the lawsuit? Were other schools approached and declined? If only there were some sort of institution that employed trained professionals to find out answers to questions like this. I anxiously await @Dispatcheditor telling us how awesome it is that publicly funded colleges are joined in a politically motivated lawsuit.

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