“Job creation, of course, has been and always continues to be our greatest moral purpose,” said John Kasich during his second inaugural speech on January 12, 2015.

That same day, Macy’s reported it would be laying off over 100 employees in Ohio.  And that was just the beginning.  So far this month, Ohio has received WARN notices from five large companies announcing they would be laying off a total of 989 employees in Ohio over the next few months.   U.S. Steel plans to layoff the most: 636 USW union workers at its Lorain tubular plant.

“We created the most innovative, economic development approach in America,” Kasich said, speaking of JobsOhio during his speech.  “Economic growth, it’s great!”

And yes, sure, economic growth, in theory, IS great.  But that is not what has actually happened under his watch or under his “innovative” (read: secretive and non-transparent) economic development approach. Instead,  Ohio has still not recovered over 100,000 jobs lost during the great recession, even though the U.S. has fully recovered.  And Ohio’s 12-month job creation rate of 1.11 percent is almost half the national average of 2.0 percent.

Kasich attempted to transition away from his jobs rant by (poorly) pulling a page from the “relate to your audience” section of the Speech Writing For Dummies book…  Having a job “restores personal confidence,” claimed Kasich.  Because when that “dad went home” without a job he was sad.  But dads** with jobs “may even be able to get a shrimp cocktail” for their kids!

Sadly, after Kasich’s first term, many of Ohio’s children are still living without shrimp cocktail.  Even worse, many Ohio’s dads (and moms) are living without jobs despite Kasich’s promises and claims.




** Yes, Kasich’s entire speech about jobs focuses on dads and excludes moms or women in general.

  • dmoore2222

    And to think we have four more years of this chump thanks to a dysfunctional Ohio Democratic Party and apathetic democratic voters.

  • sufferingsuccatash

    Indeed you are right about Kasich’s dismal job creation record and the dodgy Job Ohio syndicate that oversees the employment initiative. And the news of impending layoffs from various enterprises related to the oil/NG and retail sectors are disconcerting and will surely provide another step backward in what has been Ohio’s pathetic economic condition.
    However, the national employment picture, while being promoted as roaring back, is tenuous at best. It has not fully recovered in terms of job creation. It has merely created the amount of jobs that were lost by virtue of the 2007/08 recession. The economy still needs to create 7-8 million jobs to increase the labor participation rate to what it was prior to the recession. That means that the job creation has not increased to accommodate the new entries into the work force nor been able to provide work for those who have dropped out of the employment data picture altogether. We are now at the “green shoots” stage of growth nationally. But in Ohio, we are lost in the weeds with Kasich producing what will surely look like the Brownback economy of Kansas if he is allowed continue and if the global economy delivers another shock.

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