From the daily archives: Thursday, January 22, 2015

Why should health care workers be afforded such cushy luxuries as overtime pay and minimum wage requirements? It’s not like health care workers have some of the most physically and emotionally draining jobs possible. It’s not as though health care work demands Buddhist-level patience, compassion, and understanding. They certainly aren’t exposed to potential illness and bio-medical hazards on a daily basis.

So why on God’s gray Earth would George W. Bush-appointed U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon grant these 2 million moocher-class health care workers dastardly socialistic benefits such as being guaranteed a minimum wage or being assured of appropriate […]

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Plunderbund reported recently that Ohio junior U.S. Senator Rob Portman was among a list of GOP incumbents who are seen as beatable, especially in a presidential election year when voter turnout is way up compared to midterm election cycles when it historically drops off.

Some thought Portman, elected in the Tea Party uprising of 2010 and up for re-election in two years, would see a tested Democrat like former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland or Congressman Tim Ryan take him on, but the news Thursday is that P.G. Sittenfeld, Cincinnati City Councilman and Assistant Director of the Community Learning […]

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Thoughts on the Night Out for President Obama’s State of Union address:

At one point, I began to feel a tinge of sympathy for John Boehner, who dead-panned and occasionally pumped his lips as Obama spoke. His pathetic attempts at ceremonial courtesies gave new meaning to the sound of one hand clapping. Had to be painful for him as Obama rolled out one economic surge after another. Hadn’t the diehards warned us that a second Obama term would guarantee an economic disaster, soaring unemployment and $6 a gallon gas? It would have been better for everyone concerned if Boehner had […]

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