As we approach the season of county Republican fund-raising dinners, you might keep in mind that many are no longer dedicated solely to Abraham Lincoln, whose name has been held captive by the GOP for these events like a distant uncle who might yet bequeath the party with more than walking-around money.

Now there are a collection of Ohio counties who refer to the feast as Lincoln Reagan indulgences to remind donors that, for whatever reason, they ought to remember the Heroic Gipper at their tables. It’s really cult-ifying behavior. A few days ago. Ohio Republican chairman Matt Borges even sent notices to his teammates that Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul would be the speaker at the Clermont County “Lincoln Reagan” dinner , a taxi ride to a country club in Hamilton County and just across the Ohio River from the Bluegrass State.

For the older Republicans who don’t remember Lincoln, or prefer not to in southern Ohio, Lincoln is sort of a spent come-on. Or as I have failed to persuade some party officals in my town, a case of identity theft, given the notions of many on the current Planet GOP.

I know. Democrats prefer their long-held trust in Jefferson-Jackson Day dinners. No, not Stonewall, nor Michael, nor basketball’s Phil. Rather, President Andrew, a valid choice since Old Hickory is at least the founder of the Democratic Party, or so I have read.

The way things are going with the Reagan cult, even the Gipper might slip behind a third name for these happy-go-lucky affairs – Lincoln Reagan Kasich. Unfortunately, none of this bodes well for the honorable Mr. Lincoln.


Resposted from Grumpy Abe.