From the daily archives: Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I once asked Jim Rhodes whether he would run for another term for governor. In his staccato voice with a rush of clipped words , he retorted: “Can you tell me if your wife is going to be pregnant?” The small clutch of bystanders got a laugh out of his nonsensical response. But for reporters who were paid to uproot answers from him, it was just another day at the interview. As Rhodes forever replied to modest inquiries:

“I generally don’t answer questions with a yes or no.”

It was his sanitized version of dismissing inquiries deviating from his mindset […]

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Ohio Gov. John Richard Kasich could have replayed Monday most of what he said at his first ceremonial inaugural event four years ago. Held at the Southern Hotel in downtown Columbus, the twice elected governor reprised most of the same political sermon he delivered following his narrow victory in 2010, focusingĀ on bedrock values he said built the nation, including faith, family, personal responsibility, diversity, resiliency and empathy. And true to his hardcore and long-held inner GOP colors, the now term-limited governor hammered home the evil of being dependent on government.

Speaking to a smaller crowd than four years ago, that […]

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