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A Telling Tale Of Two Senators

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While Sen. Majority leader Mitch McConnell was boastfully crediting Republicans as the force behind today’s recovering economy, Ohio’s Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown was firing up opposition to a GOP plan to erode Social Security Disability Insurance. There could be no greater contrast in the behavior of a vengeful obstructionist who will be the Senate megaphone of his party’s reactionaries and Brown’s forceful stand to protect the Federal program from an assault by the newly-elected chest-pounders.

In a prepared statement this week, Brown sounded a clear alarm against the enemy at the gate. In this instance, he’s referring to a move […]

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Perrysburg, Ohio, is a growing suburb of Toledo in the northeast part of the state on the southern edge of the Maumee River.  The city has been growing steadily in recent years and currently has a population of over 21,000.  The city’s income took a hit in 2009 when the recession hit, but has rebounded steadily and now boasts annual tax revenue in excess of the pre-2009 figures, allowing the city to increase its annual budget every year since.

This past year, the mayor and city council, with the blessing of the city’s fire chief, decided to make permanent cuts to […]

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“Republicans know many things that aren’t so, and no amount of contrary evidence will get them to change their minds,” wrote New York Times Columnist and Economic Sciences Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman Thursday. He didn’t mention Ohio Gov. John Kasich by name, but he might as well have, given the governor’s continued belief in economic supply-side fairy tales that didn’t work under President Ronald Reagan, or the governor’s personal political idol, master supply-sider Jack Kemp.

When Congressman Kasich voted against President Bill Clinton’s first budget, as did all other Republicans at the time, he famously promised to […]

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