From the daily archives: Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Monday saw the swearing-in of Ohio’s 99 House and 33 Senate Members. Republicans dominate both chambers, 65-34 in the House, 23-10 in the Senate. Returning Senate President Keith Faber of Celina, in the state’s agriculturally powerful northwest quadrant, oversaw the swearing-in of first Republicans then Democrats. Faber is term limited and must look for a new job in two years.  Many believe he has aspirations to be Ohio’s next attorney general when Mike Dewine completes his second term in 2018.

President Faber offered some presidential prerogative remarks on what Ohioans should expect the deliberative chamber to deliberate on. A faithful wingman […]

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The Columbus Dispatch editorialized as expected for Gov. Kasich’s long-shot, quixotic crusade to amend the U.S. Constitution with a balanced budget amendment [BBA] conceived at a national constitutional convention. “The U.S. government has developed a harmful addiction to spending, something Gov. John Kasich wants to address by passing a federal balanced-budget amendment through a convention of the states,” the governor’s adjunct PR department wrote the day after Christmas. “The first step toward conquering a problem is recognizing that one has a problem; that requires a break from business as usual, something at which Kasich is expert.”

Resorting to Team […]

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