Governor John Kasich reappointed four members of the State Board of Education yesterday, all of whom voted to eliminate the “5 of 8” rule from Ohio Administrative Code.  The “5 of 8” rule, which requires school districts to hire minimum numbers of nurses, librarians, social workers, guidance counselors, arts and physical education teachers, received significant attention statewide over the past few months as the State Board voted 14-5 to eliminate the existing language despite wide public opposition.

01.02.15 Kasich Announces Appointments to State Commissions and Board


The December vote, which was 14-5 in favor of eliminating the requirement, will be coming up for a final vote this Spring when the Board will vote to finalize all of the various changes they have been adopting as part of a schedule five-year review of Ohio Administrative Code.

Farmer and Flory have been vocal about their desire to eliminate the requirement.  Farmer has pushed for local control, saying that local boards should be trusted to “make the right decisions” while Flory dismissed the thousands of “5 of 8” supporters who contacted the School Board by simply calling them “misinformed”.

Kasich had the power to swing the vote the other way for this Spring if he would have replaced these four with others who support the “5 of 8” requirement.  In the November elections, supporters of the rule picked up additional seats on the School Board, likely moving an upcoming vote from the 14-5 tally in December down to 12-7.  If Kasich wanted to show his support for these vital school personnel, he could have replaced at least three of these opposing board members in order to swing the vote from one of opposition to one of support for “5 of 8”.  By replacing three of these members, the vote for “5 of 8” would have swung to 9-10 in favor of keeping the requirement.

Governor John Kasich chose to keep his existing appointed board members and allow them to definitively eliminate the “5 of 8? rule.

Kasich is obviously satisfied with the State Board’s actions to eliminate the rule and open the door to reduce the quality of educational services to public school students across the state.

  • Think.

    Dumping the minimum standards will encourage school districts to balance budgets, plundered by drastic cuts in state funding, by eliminating licensed educators and contracting with private companies to provide those lost services.
    What better way for John Kasich to achieve ALEC goals of diminishing teachers’ unions and privatizing public education in one fell swoop?

  • anastasjoy

    And yet the Plain Dealer writes a fawning cover story about how he’s going to hold charter schools accountable while never asking why he hasn’t done it in the last four years but instead has cut public school funding to transfer money to failing charter schools running by buddies of his like David Brennan and Williams Lager? Suuuuuuure he’s going to hold the accountable. Maybe in some other universe inhabited only by the Plain Dealer. Well, probably the Dispatch too.

  • Loretta

    This has to be good news for Kasich’s Turkish buddy calling the shots on education in Ohio, right?

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