From the daily archives: Saturday, January 3, 2015

Ohio Governor John Kasich has long used the blame-game bromide of “headwinds from Washington” in an attempt to explain away the poor job creation numbers in Ohio under his watch, even while Ohio’s job growth continued to under-perform the national job growth average.   When you look at President Obama’s job creation record, which just ended 57 straight months of job growth, Kasich’s excuses are revealed to be just that: excuses.

The president has overseen an economy that has added 10.9 million private sector jobs in just 2014, that’s more jobs added than in any full calendar year since the late […]

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Governor John Kasich reappointed four members of the State Board of Education yesterday, all of whom voted to eliminate the “5 of 8” rule from Ohio Administrative Code.  The “5 of 8” rule, which requires school districts to hire minimum numbers of nurses, librarians, social workers, guidance counselors, arts and physical education teachers, received significant attention statewide over the past few months as the State Board voted 14-5 to eliminate the existing language despite wide public opposition.


The December vote, which was 14-5 in favor of eliminating the requirement, will be coming up for a […]

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