From the daily archives: Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It’s time to kickoff our series of year-in-review posts for 2014, and this year we have a lot to cover.  In the past 12 months millions of PB readers have viewed thousands of posts thanks to some wonderful new talent we added to our roster.  Together we broke national news stories, uncovered corruption and ethical violations in government, lead the charge against attacks on labor, kept Ohio’s mainstream media in check and influenced state and local policy discussions.

2014 kept our team of regular writers busy conducting exclusive interviews, reporting on important political events, doing in-depth analysis, providing snarky commentary and fighting with […]

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The Ohio Attorney General’s Office announced yesterday that they are seeking to be the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit against an investment “trust” based out of New York City who misled investors and overstated earnings, resulting in a loss of over $7.5 million to Ohio’s public retirement funds.

American Realty Capital Properties, Inc., (ARCP) is alleged to have understated losses at the end of June.  When the accounting fraud was revealed in October, their stock suffered losses of over $3 billion dollars, causing the massive hit to OPERS and STRS.  These retirement funds are essentially the property of Ohio public […]

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