Writing in Salon, Frank Schaeffer describes himself as a “white, privileged, well-off, 61-year-old former Republican religious right-wing activist who changed his mind about religion and politics long ago.” Schaeffer is the son of Evangelical leader Francis Schaeffer, who helped birth the religious right movement in the 1970s that harnessed as one of its apostles former GOP congressman Jack Kemp, an admired political icon to Ohio Gov. John Kasich.  Schaeffer the son wonders, “With the Republicans in control of the House and Senate the question arises — again — Where does the American far right find the energy to oppose everything and everyone again and again?

He recounts that he, his father and C. Everett Koop (Ronald Reagan’s surgeon general) helped seduce the Republican Party. “We turned it into an extremist far-right party that is fundamentally anti-American,” he says, noting, there would have been no Tea Party without the foundation they built. “The difference between now and then is that back then we were religious fanatics knocking on the doors of normal political leaders.” Today, he adds, the fanatics are the political leaders. “We were leaders participating in various meetings with Congressman Jack Kemp, Presidents Ford, Reagan and Bush, Sr., when the unholy marriage between the Republican Party and the Evangelical Reconstructionist-infected ‘pro-life’ community was gradually consummated,” Schaeffer recalls. Meeting with Republican and conservative leaders like Jerry Falwell, he says, they developed a “pro-life strategy” for rolling back Roe v. Wade.

Fast forward to today, Gov. John Kasich, who has regularly invoked the Lord as his all-purpose religious trump card since become state CEO, has limited his explanation of why he’s signed into law so many harmful provisions for women, especially when it comes to accessing their constitutional right to abortion. Gov. Kasich offers  little more these days than to say he’s ‘pro-life.”

But for all the time Ohio’s governor has spent studying the Bible, a book he takes literally, he has shown just how poorly he’s grasped the lessons it teaches. This was made abundantly clear to anyone who was lucky enough to watch his performance this year in the only election-year format during which he was in the same room with his challengers. Taken down suddenly and without explanation by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, many say done so at the behest of Team Kasich, the video of Gov. Kasich acting rude, childish and mean seems a fitting testimonial to just how misguided he is on matters of faith, compassion and humanity.

Now elected to a second and final term, Mr. Kasich is a white, privileged, well-off, 62-year-old Republican religious right-wing activist who’s currently executing a stealth campaign to become president in 2016. To assist him in better understanding how he can live up to his God-given potential to be a real leader for all, not just for the wealthy individuals and powerful corporations he has catered to throughout his nearly 40 years as the consummate stage-craftedpolitician, here are the top 10 things John Kasich misunderstands the The Lord wants him to do:

1) Thou shalt stop making rich people richer for it only produces more poor people. There is no inequality in Heaven, so let there not be inequality on earth.
2) Thou shalt stop worshiping false gods, especially corporations for they are not real people and do not go to Heaven when they go bankrupt.
3) Thou shalt stop being mean and spiteful for it’s not the face of compassion. If Jesus can forgive and turn the other cheek, why can’t you?
4) Thou shalt not work for the private interest over the public interest.
5) Thou shalt respect workers more than managers.
6) Do not place original sin on government for it represents the people.
7) Wealth from not working should be hard while wealth from working should be easy.
8) Compassion without relief for all is false compassion.
9) Thou shalt stop stealing from others to lard your cupboard, then telling those from whom you stole from to do more with less.
10) Making life harder for women only sows sour seeds for all.