From the daily archives: Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Columbus Dispatch has never been subtle about its choices for running the government. Firmly lodged in its menacing redoubt across the street from the Statehouse, it has dared Democrats, particularly the liberal sort, to violate the paper’s sanctity as an unelected voice of the state’s destiny. With a plantation mentality, it has served to protect the family’s banks, broadcasting studios and vast other properties in its swollen portfolio.

A Wolfe family enterprise for more than a century, the city’s sole surviving daily newspaper has swallowed two other dailies whole and worked its influence all over town, including Ohio State […]

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The Columbus Dispatch and Its “Commitment to Watchdog, Investigative Reporting”

By Denis Smith

After reading the first paragraph of Editor Ben Marrison’s piece in the December 21 edition of The Columbus Dispatch, it reminded me of one of my mother’s favorite expressions. “That would make a cat laugh,” she would say when reading a hilarious item in the newspaper. Indeed, if I had a cat, he would have laughed with me as I read the editor’s standard, self-congratulatory Sunday column.

“One of the things readers tell us they value most about The Dispatch is our commitment to watchdog, investigative reporting,” […]

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FreedomOhio got some good news Tuesday, when it learned the U.S. Supreme Court will consider a case from Ohio in which the Court could require the state to recognize legal same-gender marriages performed in other states.

“This is big news,” said FreedomOhio co-founder and Executive Director Ian James.  “FreedomOhio is excited that the Court will consider offering Ohioans the same legal protections that all couples and their families deserve.  We will continue to energize and encourage Ohioans in pursuit of this goal, and we hope that 2015 will be a monumental year for equality.”

In the case, Obergefell et […]

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