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Yes, Dick Cheney Is A Booliboo

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Dick Cheney is a booliboo.

Booliboo? Don’t run to your dictionary to look it up. No such word. I made it up.

That’s what you can do when you enter Cheney’s fantasy world. On his unlit planet, Dorothy’s yellow brick road is more authentic than Interstate 71. Pinocchio’s nose doesn’t extend but grows backward into his skull. The invasion of Iraq would lead to a peaceful conquest in a few weeks.

Booliboos resort to Orwellian newspeak, the patron of duckspeak in which it is perfectly OK for apples to fall up from trees rather than to the ground below, Newton […]

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A new study was unveiled this week based on research on education funding in Ohio that shows tax dollars from local levies are flowing to charters schools, most of which under perform local public schools, as state aid for public schools has shrunk dramatically under the Administration of Gov. John Kasich, who was elected to a final four-year term in November.

Using data from public sources, principally the Ohio Department of Education, The Ohio Charter School Accountability Project is a joint venture of the Ohio Education Association and Innovation Ohio [IO], a nonpartisan progressive think tank headquartered in […]

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Some might argue that Ohio has already gone to pot under John Kasich, measured by his regressive actions on renewable wind energy, forcing local communities to do more with less funding, forcing women to make terrible choices they don’t have to make in other states, shifting taxes to those still struggling to pay for reduced income tax rates that overwhelmingly benefit the very wealthy, and other policies and programs focused on favoring private over public interests.

And while that’s one legitimate view of how Ohio is going to pot, a totally new one that’s really about pot, one slang term for marijuana, […]

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