From the daily archives: Tuesday, December 16, 2014

An article Tuesday in the business magazine Forbes rained big time on Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s newly resuscitated crusade to call for a federal balanced budget amendment [BBA]. Elected to a second and final term in early November, Ohio’s governor, a former Chairman of the House Budget Committee during the reign of House Speaker Newt Gingrich, took a pounding in an aptly titled article: “John Kasich Isn’t Ready For Prime Time On The Federal Budget.”

“It’s a bit strange to have to say that Ohio Governor and possible Republican candidate for president John Kasich doesn’t know what he’s talking about […]

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If rhetorical foot-in-mouth disease was really a serious problem, John Kasich would have qualified for constant medical care over the last 36 years.  Ohio’s Governor is legend for his Kasichspeak, those nuggets of rhetorical stupidity—some reporters call them “riffs” as if he were a verbal jazz musician—that flow out of his mouth on a daily basis showing just how poorly he grasps the real world.

In Phoenix last Wednesday to push for a federal balanced budget amendment, Kasich attempted another backhand partisan slap of the nation’s current two-time presidential winner, President Barack Obama. “Secret Service, how are they doing? IRS, how […]

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