From the daily archives: Monday, December 8, 2014

Below you will find the answers to the Thanksgiving political puzzle. Congrats to Bethe, Robert, Fred and Kathy, the first four readers to submit correct answers for the puzzle.

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Gorgeous George¬†played slow-pitch political T-ball Sunday with Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who continued his stealth campaign for President of the United States by again playing coy about his intentions for a White House run in 2016. “You’re not going to get a good answer” to that question he joked with ABC Sunday “This Week” talk show host George Stephanopoulos.

Calling in back up help early on in his short, upbeat exchange with President Bill Clinton’s former “War Room” PR guru, the mercurial governor invoked his always-present higher authority, saying what he’s done is because that’s “what the Lord wants […]

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Christmas Shopping For The In-Crowd

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I went Christmas shopping over the week end. Not among the mall crowds that are more bruising this year than ever by so many people texting while oblivious to my shoulders and limbs as they drift past me. Nope. I chose the rarified ads in the New York Times that swept into a higher universe while I was seated safely at home.

Right off, I will say that escapism is too slight a word to describe what I found in the Season for Giving, particularly for recipients who not only have everything but always pretend to be duly shocked upon […]

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“Meet the GOP’s newest power player,” the ABC News banner instructed¬†us, thus anointing Ohio Gov. John Kasich when he appeared on This Week with George Stephanopoulos Sunday morning.

Before the interview even began, Stephanopoulos made sure to plant a big and slobbery on Kasich’s posterior.

“Now with back-to-back wins and a booming Ohio economy, this party maverick with a reputation for plain talk is stirring up all kinds of White House buzz,” he gushed in his intro.

Good God, George, I know that Sunday Morning Hackery has become an American Institution, but did Kasich’s team write this line […]

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