From the daily archives: Friday, December 5, 2014

Ohio needs more readily available and convenient public transportation, and that should be a given. We have the 7th highest population out of any state in the Union and we’re the 10th most densely populated, according to US census data. Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus are all major urban centers, with the latter being the 15th biggest city in the entire country. It’s just common sense to expect that our politicians can meet their residents’ needs and provide us with alternative transportation choices like rail systems, more bike lanes and better pedestrian infrastructure.

Unfortunately, expecting common sense […]

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The duplicity and shamelessness of the Ohio legislature was on full display Thursday as two bills addressing hiking pay for lawmakers and other elected public officials now and into the future, described as competing with each other, moved from one chamber to the other.

Despite being framed as competing measures, HB 661 would further feather officials’ income nests with more taxpayer money now, while the Senate bill would delay by deferring that feathering to a commission, advertised as independent, that would be populated with appointees by the governor as well as legislative and judicial leaders. Called a pay raise […]

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