On Monday and Tuesday of next week, the State School Board of Ohio will convene again to vote on the “5 of 8” rule that requires school districts to hire specialists in arts, music and physical education, along with librarians, guidance counselors, social workers, and nurses.  The board members who favor the change have called these requirements “outdated”.

printable-map-of-ohioEliminating this change will actually open the door for school districts to avoid hiring qualified individuals in these positions.  Instead of having specialized arts educators in grades K-8, local school boards, in an attempt to cope with the Kasich Administration’s budget cuts to public schools, are likely to revert to the environment that precipitated this requirement, passing the responsibility of teaching these subject areas along to regular education teachers, further burdening teachers who are already dealing with decreased instructional time that is now allocated for testing, testing, and more testing.

You can read our earlier posts on this topic and listen to how outgoing school board president, Debe Terhar, effectively shut down dissenters at the last school board meeting, prompting four board members to walk out.

Contact the members of the school board to let them know how important these positions are for ALL of Ohio’s children:


  • goofproof

    Just frees up more money to feed the testing monster.

  • Paula Evans

    Isn’t it time to get politicians out of the education business?

  • goofproof

    The same politicians interfering in my kid’s classroom claiming teachers need to be held accountable and pay scales outdated, live in gerrymandered, safe districts plus vote themselves a pay scale with huge raises. Why a part-time legislature with no accountability gets $60-80K per year while they complain teachers making $32K a year are overpaid and should have careers ended by law is hypocritical. Maybe these legislators should have to pass all the PARCC tests they impose on our kids before allowed to write laws.

  • Think.

    Anyone who hasn’t contacted the state BOE members about the importance of these positions needs to do so ASAP.
    While you’re at it, let them know that keeping the “5 of 8,” while removing the ratio language (per 1,000 students) is still a giant step backwards.

  • Think.

    Hmmm… Public input is normally on Tuesday, but for some reason, it was changed to Monday this month.

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