John Boehner, who awakens each morning with a glowering game face tightly in place as the King of the Naysayers, is at it again. He has told Ohio’s Republican legislative leaders that he likes the state’s lopsided congressional districts the way they are today, thank you. So the Speaker urged his crowd to stop fooling around with them by drawing up new districts.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Boehner has talked to Ohio House Speaker Bill Batchelder and Senate President Keith Faber – Republicans, of course – to stonewall any current efforts to change the district lines, saying: “I frankly don’t think it needs to be fixed.”

Apart from living in a safe southwestern Ohio district, Boehner has more than a casual interest in preserving the current map. Back in 2011 when the new lines were drawn, Boehner’s chief political hit-man, Tom Whatman, presided over how the map would be drawn.

Boehner doesn’t shy from the villainous politicization of the present map that guarantees Republicans 12 of Ohio’s 16 seats. He told the Enquirer that Republicans have the “pencil in their hands” and are going to use it to the best of their ability.

Boehner said the Democrats had the pencil for 40 years, and now, the Republicans for 20.

Stop snorting, Mr. Speaker, and put down your pencil . You’re not making sense! Since 1972, Ohio GOP congressmen have held a 16-6 majority through Democratic and Republican administrations in Columbus. (D’s never enjoyed more than a one or two seat edge.)

As I’ve previously noted, Summit County’s butchered district map is a disgrace, with none of the four congressmen who have pieces of it living in the county. Neither party in the one-man one-vote era has gone this far in drawing and quartering the county like the current gang.

I have a suggestion: In case I’m missing something, maybe the Summit County Republican Party should have him be the guest celebrity speaker at its next finance dinner – the granddaddy of the party’s events. He could explain to all of us why all four of our congressmen don’t even live in the county. Do I hear a pin dropping?