From the daily archives: Thursday, December 4, 2014

On Monday and Tuesday of next week, the State School Board of Ohio will convene again to vote on the “5 of 8” rule that requires school districts to hire specialists in arts, music and physical education, along with librarians, guidance counselors, social workers, and nurses.  The board members who favor the change have called these requirements “outdated”.

Eliminating this change will actually open the door for school districts to avoid hiring qualified individuals in these positions.  Instead of having specialized arts educators in grades K-8, local school boards, in an attempt to cope with the Kasich Administration’s […]

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John Boehner, who awakens each morning with a glowering game face tightly in place as the King of the Naysayers, is at it again. He has told Ohio’s Republican legislative leaders that he likes the state’s lopsided congressional districts the way they are today, thank you. So the Speaker urged his crowd to stop fooling around with them by drawing up new districts.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Boehner has talked to Ohio House Speaker Bill Batchelder and Senate President Keith Faber – Republicans, of course – to stonewall any current efforts to change the district lines, saying: “I frankly […]

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