Dayton Democratic Fred Strahorn [OH-39] has been chosen to lead Ohio House Democrats forward starting early next year. Now even more of a minority party after Republicans boosted their numbers to 65 in the recently concluded midterm elections, Rep. Strahorn appears undaunted in spite of the lopsided numbers in the people’s house.

The Legislature can override a governor’s veto with a three-fifths vote of both chambers, which means GOP members will be able  to take on Gov. John Kasich if they really want to without the help of Democrats. Depending on the nature of the bill, Gov. Kasich could find more than Democrats opposed to policies or programs he favors, especially renewing an expansion of Medicaid.

A Senior Advisor for the Ohio Democratic Party for the last two years, Rep. Strahorn took time following House session Tuesday to outline exclusively for the OhioNewsBureau the issues his caucus will focus on in the 131st General Assembly. Now with just 34 members, Ohio House Democrats will have their work cut out for them.