430_Lou_and_Debe_with_Governor_Kasich_June_2012This past Tuesday, in a packed meeting room where individuals were set to provide testimony against the Ohio State Board of Education’s plan to drop the requirement that school districts hire licensed arts and physical education teachers, social workers, nurses, and counselors, Board President Debe Terhar abruptly changed the agenda at the very moment the testimony was to begin.  Her decision to push back the testimony by hours caused consternation among those who had taken time off from work and adjusted their schedules to follow the Board’s published agenda.

When her fellow board members tried to question her move, she proceeded to either shut them down.  When Ann Jacobs tried to ask for a “point of order”, Terhar completely ignored her and simply talked louder, seeming to assert her role as Board Dictator, ignoring any pretense of following board protocol.

When a member of the large audience complained about the surprise schedule change, Terhar told her to leave.  Within seconds, four Board members, A.J. Wagner, Deborah Cain, Ann Jacobs and Stephanie Dodd proceeded to walk out to applause from those in attendance.

In one final plea, Board member Mary Rose Oakar politely asked Terhar to reconsider.  Terhar also ignored her request.

Listen to the entire exchange:

You can read our post about this move by the State Board of Education in our post from Monday:  Is Ohio School Board Cutting The Arts & Physical Education?

Read our letter to the State Board and find emails for all of the Board Members here: Tell The Ohio School Board To Keep The “5 of 8? Rule


  • Think.

    I saw a picture of Tehar texting someone while she was at the meeting. Could it have been her BFF John Kasich?

  • Sharon O’Connell-Holzschuh

    Why can’t I get into the audio?

  • gregmild

    May be an issue with plug-ins on your browser.

    Here’s a link to download the audio file: http://www.plunderbund.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/TerharSBOE11-11.wma

  • djkorn1

    Our kids deserve better.

  • Sarah Thornbery

    The 5 of 8 rule also impacts the hiring of certified school librarians in Ohio. The Ohio Educational Library Media Association did not testify at this meeting, but had testified in previous meetings.

  • CherMoe

    Republicans won’t be happy until they cause the complete collapse of public education all throughout America. Educated Americans don’t vote Republican. They want children to be brainwashed by radical RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS, so they all come out voting Republican. This is ALSO why they are against allowing immigrants. Too many people will vote against Republicans, if they aren’t rich, white and male or white, female, rich and brainwashed.

  • elisar

    this is ridiculous…doesn’t she realize that every letter on this page and every written/illustrated page in history is a series of lines drawn together to create a formation of mental objects…and that’s just one element of art….

  • Bocephus13

    And all democrats and law abiding citizens can do is piss and moan? Really?

  • anastasjoy

    Thanks for the dartboard photo!

  • anastasjoy

    What do you suggest?

  • john curry

    Try telling that to your Doctor’s office the next time you are scheduled and they tell you that they changed your appointment without informing you first. I’m sure it wouldn’t bother you, right?

  • Sharon O’Connell-Holzschuh

    Got it. Thanks!

  • Sharon O’Connell-Holzschuh

    Terhar’s imperious manner is disgusting. Why do Cincinnatian’s do this to themselves and to the school children in our communities?

  • Sharon O’Connell-Holzschuh

    Go to the polls. Vote.

  • Spitfiremk1

    More misbehavior by Mrs. Teabagger. From the pictures I have seen of her, she must have only one jacket that she wears everywhere – red, like a bull-fighters cape. I wonder what post Kasich will find for her if she fails to get re-elected to State School Board?

  • I didn’t see a link to the audio recording.

  • Fleet Ghost

    Seems to be a problem with the Diebold voting machines manufactured in Ohio registering the right vote.

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