Two years ago we broke the story about Jim Leftwich, John Kasich’s third development director, illegally running a private consulting company while working as an “economic development adviser to Governor John Kasich.”    Records showed that Leftwich was consulting for Wright State University while receiving a state salary and also that he was using his connections at the state to secure and maintain those consulting contracts.

On October 24, 2014, Leftwich cut a deal with the Ohio Ethics Commission, admitting to the ethics violation and paying a large fine “in lieu of a referral of this matter to the local prosecuting attorney.” According to the settlement agreement, Leftwich will avoid all criminal prosecution because has agreed to “accept a public reprimand” and “to pay restitution in the total amount of $21,000.”

A copy of the settlement agreement can be downloaded here.




  • dmoore2222

    What’s the big deal? In light of the JobsOhio boondoggle, Leftwich’s behavior seems perfectly reasonable.

  • anastasjoy

    To me the problem is this kind of huge, outrageous, impactful behavior in state government becoming so normalized it merits a shrug while low-level behavior is endlessly demonized. We have a huge problem in Ohio.

  • Grand Ole Corruption Party.

  • Bismark

    Agreed. And what about Leftwich’s co-collusionists at Wright State University?? Dr. Fife, Director of Research & Gwen Madson, attorney that went along with their dealings, what price do they pay?

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