While there wasn’t much to celebrate in Tuesday’s statewide elections, the Ohio School Board provided some positive news for public education.  Five of the seven seats up for election went to candidates who have pro-public education stances.

While A. J. Wagner and Ron Rudduck retained their seats in Districts 3 and 10, respectively, three new members were elected in an important step toward trying to restore balance to the body that is responsible for making decisions about the implementation of state laws involving education.

In District 8, Bob Hagan, known for being a staunch and outspoken advocate for public education while serving in the General Assembly, received over 51% of the votes in a three-way race.

In District 5, Rosyln Painter-Goffi narrowly took the seat away from incumbent member Brad Lamb.

And in perhaps the most important race, District 4, serving Southwest Ohio, retired teacher Pat Bruns received 56% of the votes to take the seat formerly held by outgoing President Debe Terhar, an active Tea Party member and controversial outspoken leader of the School Board under the Kasich Administration.

This is one glimmer of hope that all will not be lost in Ohio over the next four years.

  • DublinIrishBob

    Finally, some good news.

  • anastasjoy

    Roslyn won! I voted for her! Way too many people are startled to see this race on their ballot and have no idea who to vote for. I made sure I did.

  • dmoore2222


  • Red Rover

    Yes, Pat Bruns was an art teacher specifically, so I’m hoping for good things. The arts are getting left behind way too much.

  • Retrofuturistic

    Good, maybe they’ll be able to stop the people who passed HB 597 (Creationism in public schools) THE DAY AFTER the election.

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