Well, it was just a matter of hours before the Columbus Dispatch set all of us on the right track for the 2016 presidential election with whoopie speculation about two of its favorite Republican Buckeye politicians, Gov.John Kasich and Sen. Rob Portman.

In a long front- page piece, the story began by describing Kasich’s “smashing” win and Portman’s “key role in helping the GOP take control of the Senate”.

Smashing? But only if you merely consider the raw numbers after the governor ran up the score against Ed FitzGerald’s posthumous campaign to a cheering section filled with huge donors, media accolades and those practiced in convenient references to the Lord. You may recall that Kasich went to Nevada and cast God’s blessing on casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, in a blatant appeal for Big Money. On Election night, caught up in the reverance of the moment, Kasich told us that God had placed a hand on him. That doesn’t leave much hope for Portman.

To speculation about his future, Kasich stayed in form by coyly dismissing the question. He said he’s not “thinking about the future”. As for Portman, his chief of staff told the Dispatch that the senator is “going to meet with his family about this issue over the coming weeks” and then with “trusted advisors”, a process that could take months. That has always impressed me as Portman’s normal speed.

Meantime, let the speculation roll.

Political experts quoted in the story agreed that both would make “viable” candidates – but as President Obama once said, “You can only have one president at a time” in deference to the fact that George Bush still had a few weeks left in his tenure following the 2008 election.

A cautionary footnote: The Dispatch poured out its heart to elect Mitt Romney and its home county of Franklin went for Obama.

* * * * *

More Grumpy style Meet the Press: The Beacon Journal, as is its wont to be kind to spoiled victors, described Kasich as ‘” governing from the center”. Oh? With hefty right-wing pals like Adelson and the Koch Brothers looking over his shoulder?

* * * * *
While we’re at it, might as well note that Armond Budish, a Democrat, defeated his Republican opponent, Jack Schron, for Cuyahoga County Executive rather handily despite the paper’s endorsement of Schron. The paper accused Budish of being ” too partisan”. And for years I thought that partisanship was high up on the to-do list of a politician!

* * * * *
Finally, we turned to Huey Long’s immortal words for the benediction on Tuesday’s nightmare: “One of these days the people of Louisiana are going to get good government and they aren’t going to like it.”:


Reprinted from Grumpy Abe

  • bob

    why is it that gawd only speaks to the stupid ones

  • DublinIrishBob

    The Dispatch and others within its holdings, like WBNS, earns a ton of profit on political advertising and this election was a mixed bag for them. Yes, they piled on FitzGerald, which meant Kasich had the election won by Labor Day. Also very early on they ran stories about the big GOP sweep, ignoring the many vices of DeWine and Mandel, which also turned out well for them. So who wants to see their earnings statement for this period? Since they keep these things a state secret, we won’t know how much their revenue was down due to the lack of political advertising which was self-inflicted.

    So now they have to promote their Golden Child, Kasich, and the proper Ohio WASP, Portman, against each other. That makes it a STORY and that generates profits! If Portman drops out, no story, because Kasich can’t debate and think at the same time and he will have to re-join Bible class.

    One other thing I want to add, and this might piss off some regular Plunderbund readers. I moved back to Ohio in 1997 after working in Silicon Valley and Chicago for nearly twenty-five years. I have to say that Ohio is overrated as a bellwether state or key state or whatever you want to say. Innovation in this state is not what it used to be and companies aren’t standing in line to locate or do business here. You read all about the new businesses that open up here, but a lot of them are call centers or some other kind of low level service providers. We have jewels like Cleveland Clinic, but we are killing the solar panel companies, pissing Tesla off, and other things that are too numerous to say here. Cutting education has real consequences and we are seeing this now. Charter schools do not attract investment or bring jobs, they do the opposite. High energy costs don’t help. Lack of a rail system is not good. So this smoke and mirrors illusion that the GOP touts is really killing our future and people in other states will look at Kasich and Portman and say, “No thanks, we’ve seen what you did to Ohio.”

  • dmoore2222

    Thank you. I’m a life long Ohio resident and have seen the transition from cutting edge to bottom feeder industry that you talk about. Ohio’s heyday was post Great Depression up to about 1970. From there on we started on the path to a low wage economy and we’re almost there. Politicians keep promising a return to the glory days but instead we get tax payer financed deals with companies that only enrich their owners and shareholders. I would venture to guess that at least half of the jobs created in Ohio in the past ten years do not pay a liveable wage never mind offer benefits.

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