David Pepper’s last ad of the Ohio Attorney General’s race attempts to establish a pattern of misogynistic behavior coming out of DeWine’s office.  You can see it at the end of this post.  It is pretty hard-hitting and, despite protests from the DeWine campaign, absolutely true.

The ad opens with claims that DeWine improperly failed to prosecute three witnesses to the now-infamous Steubenville rape.  DeWine spokesperson Ryan Stubenrauch called the accusation”blatantly false.”   But as we reported in January, DeWine came into the Steubenville case with the belief that “observers of a crime aren’t always legally obliged to intervene” – a belief that is, well, blatantly false.

DeWine then went on to send letters to the three witnesses effectively exonerating them of any wrongdoing, while continuing to claim no deal had been made.  These witnesses spent hours taking photographs and videos of the victim during the rape.  And DeWine let them off without a second thought.

Pepper’s ad also discusses an AG’s office sexual harassment investigation where DeWine personally intervened when he realized one of the likely harassers was his long-time friend.  It also points to another sexual harassment case in which another DeWine appointee failed to discipline a male employee after he repeatedly harassed a female coworker with taunts like “You know, there is nothing more fun than smacking a woman — that is, except for punching them.”

Not mentioned in the ad are DeWine’s non-stop attempts to restrict access to healthcare for Ohio’s women.

A pattern?  Sure seems like it.