Bullet points from Kasich’s latest mailer

A new Kasich mailer is hitting homes around the state this week and, just like the earlier one, it’s full of half-truths and straight-up lies.   While the first mailer tried to blame Obamacare for Ohio’s horrible job growth under Kasich, the new one lists Kasich’s favorite campaign talking points, all of which have been debunked again and again.   Let’s go through them one-by-one, shall we?

Eliminated $8 billion budget shortfall

Ohio never had an $8 billion budget deficit in any way, shape or form.  We’ve debunked this claim half a dozen times now.  as has the Plain Dealer when they recently fact-checking a Josh Mandel ad making the same claim.  Also debunking this claim?  Kasich’s own budget director.

And the State’s OBM reports that the Ohio’s GRF debt load has actually grown by half a billion in the first three fiscal years of John Kasich’s Administration. 

Restored Ohio’s “Rainy Day” Fund

Sure, Kasich put some money back into the Rainy Day fund.  And the first payment came from the budget SURPLUS created by Ted Strickland’s last budget.  From the Columbus Dispatch“The first payment the Kasich administration made to the rainy-day fund — $246.9 million in July of 2011 — came at the completion of the last two-year budget former Gov. Ted Strickland signed into law.”

Reduced the Size of Government

This one is full on laughable.  Kasich grew Ohio’s GRF debts by half a billion dollars and he increased state spending by over 12 billion dollars!.  Again, don’t just take our word for it, listen to what Kasich’s budget director told the Washington Post:

“By one measure, state spending has increased by 23.9 percent since Kasich took office. But Tim Keen, director of the Ohio Office of Budget and Management, said that number is misleading because it reflects high and distorted growth percentages for Medicaid and debt-service spending. Adjusted for those factors, he said, spending has increased only 12.7 percent.”

Cut Taxes for Every Ohio Family

Cleveland Crain’s covered this point best when they called Kasich “a Tax Shifter, Not Tax Cutter.”

“Gov. John Kasich likes to portray himself as a tax-cutting crusader. It is a misleading representation. He is more an illusionist, a master of taxation sleight of hand,” writes Crain’s.  “The reality is, the governor is a tax shifter. He is adept at transferring the burden of taxation from one party to another while giving the appearance of reducing taxes.”

While Kasich may have helped push through a small income tax cut, he paid for it by increasing sales and other taxes and gutting the local government fund, which ultimately ended up increasing local taxes on Ohioans.   Kasich billed his income tax cut as a job creation effort, meanwhile Ohio’s job growth has lagged the nation for 23 straight months.


Cut Tax for Ohio Small Business

Columbus Entrepreneur Elizabeth Lessner summed this one up nicely.  “Let’s set one thing straight because there’s a lot of misinformation out there,” she wrote. “John Kasich is terrible for small Ohio businesses.”  Lessner points out overcharging by BWC, increased payroll taxes, CAT tax rates that have quadrupled, an increased sales tax and higher energy costs.

And that one tax cut that Kasich did get into the budget, the one he calls his small-business tax cut, really did nothing to help create jobs or help the majority of small businesses.  Instead it helped a handful of lawyers, hedge-fund managers and investors – many from out-of-state – put profits back into their pockets.

IO and Policy Matters Ohio both provided a thorough analysis of the proposal, which would give most small business owners a tax cut of less that $450.

Full images of the mailer are included below. Thanks again to friend of the blog Loretta Cole for the photos!