When a reporter politely asked Ohio’s Republican governor why he wouldn’t be appearing at tonight’s City Club debate alongside his Democratic challenger, John Kasich nearly went ballistic. With his RLS fully on display, Kasich chided the reporter for daring to raise the issue, making it clear that he was not-so-secretly sick of questions from “people like you” – aka members of the press.

“I’ve already explained all the stuff I have to explain,” said Kasich. “I’ve spent about ten and a half hours here with people like you… and letting people across the state know how I feel about things and… uh… I made all the comments I’m going to make about it.”

On the same stage, LG Mary Taylor and two uncomfortable-looking supporters stood strangely still as the governor continued his rant; their hands crossed or arms tucked tightly, waiting for Kasich to finish.

Taylor, to her credit, soldiered through the troubling exchange with only a few mild and momentary winces.  Her practiced smile, tortured and familiar, seemed almost unfazed by the total shit show unfolding on the stage before her.

I guess at some point, people just get used to John Kasich being a rude obnoxious jerk to everyone around him.

Here’s the video…