Rick Santorum has been running for president for at least 50 or 60 years and is back to the lodestone of such candidates: Iowa. This time he’s out there campaigning arm-in-arm with Rep. Steve King, the sociopathic Hawkeye congressman-of-faith who will forever be remembered for identifying immigrant kids because their calves bulge like cantaloupes from smuggling drugs across our border. He’s assailed Planned Parenthood for promoting “ghoulish, ghastly and gruesome” practices! His latest: He said that if he gets to Heaven he doesn’t expect to meet gays.

Once again, Santorum isn’t reluctant to cast stones against his own perceived villains despite his holiest avowal to be true to his purified faith by joining guys like Steve King. It’s the divisive religion of whatever works suits him just fine.

And once again, as Republican politicians, from Gov. Kasich to the other anti-unionists who campaign in work clothes to prove their everyman’s ties, there’s Santorum bumping around Iowa’s 99 counties in his ” Chuck Truck” – a Ram 1500 pickup. We must assume that it is the rough-rider’s image of choice to secure his role as a circuit rider in a common dirt farmer machine.

Iowa is the Valhalla for a lot of pols who see the 2016 presidential election as occurring tomorrow. Along with Santorum, Texas Rep.Louie Gohmert, always a challenge to linguists, will be joining the parade before the GOP altar. Oh, and Donald Trump, too. And Chris Christie, all of them approving of Steve King as the man who represents the core values best suited for their party.

Kasich made it to Iowa as a presidential candidate in 2000. And although some media people are trying to hoist him into the 2016 campaign, he left a muddy footprint on a comment to the Youngstown Vindicator editorial board that would not sit well in that state.

“Honestly, I just don’t see it,” he said to the board of any plan to go for it again. “I tried it once. You come with me. You can go with me out to Iowa. You wouldn’t believe it. You’d never go there again…I don’t expect anything. I don’t even think about it.”

(As an aside: Kasich is so sensitive to events he can’t control, he refused the paper’s request to vidoetape the interview – which the Vindy said was the first time a candidate had rejected such a request.)

As for Santorum and King: I’ll just turn them over to the Roman poet Petrarch, the father of humanism, who wrote for the ages:

“The climax of all evils is when a man rooted in some false opinion grows fatally persuaded that his cause is right.”

  • anastasjoy

    This article adds more proof to the pile that the Kasich for president narrative is just pundits and columnists with too much time on their hands and a complete disinterest in the real issues facing this country. He refused to let the Vindicator videotape him? He refused to even look at Ed FitzGerald at the PD interview? He declined all debates? He refuses to say whether he’s for right to work or how he would pay for even MORE income tax cuts for the wealthy? He can’t get away with any of that in a national primary campaign. He’d be up against a field of ruthless opponents (do they make them any more ruthless and unprincipled than Ted Cruz?) who would crush him. He wouldn’t have the Columbus Disgrace and the Cleveland Plainly Republican to cover his mistakes and spin him as the greatest thing to ever happen to Ohio. And when Kasich is unleashed in public without that cover, he ALWAYS steps in it, spouting nonsense that virtually always insults somebody. Just read the transcript of any of his State of the State free associative rambles. And as an aside I just want to say i am looking at the photo of Mikey DeWine in the ad next to this comment field and VOTERS OF OHIO! Are you seriously going to give this crony-loving, sexual harasser-protecting, extreme religious belief-imposing, legally subpar mediocrity a second term? That would be stupid.

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