Mean John Kasich showed again Wednesday just how imperial he is and how condescending he can be, especially to reporters who he told to stop asking him questions about why he’s too big a political coward to stand on stage with two other candidates for governor and defend what many outside his inner circle of dutiful disciples consider a terrible first-term as state CEO.

It wasn’t any surprise, therefore, when the two candidates who did show up to debate last night at the City Club in Cleveland spent time recognizing Kasich’s failure to show. Always the performance politician, Gov. Kasich said debating isn’t necessary this year because he spends lots of time spewing his careful but false narrative of what a great turnaround governor he’s been the last four years. Prone to glib gaffes over the course of his long and lucrative career as a performance politician, which he showed he’s totally capable of doing just the other day when he got Obamacare and Medicaid all screwed up and then tried to unravel his verbal mess that only showed how ignorant he really is on the subject, Kasich knows as others do that he inherited a state in solid recovery mode under former Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland and has fumbled the ball so many times that Ohio now ranks 45th among 50 states in job creation.

It’s no wonder Johnny Pennsylvania is afraid to explain and defend his record on the single most important issue he said he was good at, creating jobs. The Wizard of Westerville has performed his flim-flam act for nearly four years now and has poor numbers to show for it. Arizona’s W.P. Carey School of Business showed in that in stark reality when it updated it’s listing Wednesday of state job performance criteria.

Team Kasich loves controlled venues where the Music Man of Ohio can rattle off his false narrative that Ohio was broke, that he fixed it by balancing a budget without raising taxes. All three legs on that stool don’t stand up to scrutiny. Like virtually every other state, Ohio took a punch to the gut when the Great Recession hit it. Strickland, a Democrat who had to contend with an antagonistic GOP-controlled legislature for the first two years of his term, actually reduced spending in office. Kasich, who purposely fails to every mention how Ohio came onto hard times as if prosperity for all was the norm until Strickland took over, signed the two biggest budgets in state history, a real feat for someone who’s barked against government spending his entire political career and thinks a balanced budget amendment is a good idea.

So when John Kasich says his contrived political events held in safe venues is as good as standing on stage with the Democratic Party’s endorsed candidate Ed FitzGerald or the Green Party’s endorsed candidate Anita Rio, he knows that’s a lie. Ohioans who know him well also know he doesn’t like the media and believes he can intimidate them, as he did yesterday by activating his Mean John Kasich persona.

All his Bible study classes have obviously taught him nothing about compassion or turning the other cheek and loving thy enemy as thy neighbor. John Kasich doesn’t forget and he doesn’t forgive. He would make a terrible Jesus because he would have to comfort the sick and hang out with the poor. He would make a great Pontius Pilate, though, because he likes being imperial and dispensing with candidates or reporters who would dare confront him on the long list of issues and topics he’s totally out of step with or just doesn’t care about with a flick of his hand.

Voters should remember in November that Mean Mr. Kasich shouldn’t be rewarded with another term after he’s done so poorly and then lied about it for four years.