Earlier today we reported that Ohio now ranks 45th in the country for job creation (out of 50, in case you were wondering) according to Arizona State University’s W. P. Carey School of Business.

Ohio job data miners say the actual job growth rate in Ohio year-over-year for September was 0.6 percent compared to a 2 percent growth rate for the USA.

“The gap between Ohio and the USA widened in September once again, unfortunately,” said Economic Research Analyst George Zeller, who keeps tabs on the scoreboard of job growth information.

Based in Cleveland, an important region of the state for manufacturing jobs, Zeller told OhioNewsBureau via email today that “we are in recovery in Ohio, which is the good news. The bad news is that it continues to be… too slow and well below the national average.”

Zeller said he and ASU peer into the same data and are on the same page but in a slightly different way.   According to Zeller, Ohio needs to desperately speed up the recovery in order “to recover the jobs that we lost since 2007.”  He said the poor performance in September is not a one month data fluke. “It has happened every month for the last 23 months consecutively.”