State Rep. Andy Thompson (rear right) protesting Nuns on a We Bus in 2012

We warned readers in 2010 about the dangers of electing Andy Thompson to the Ohio House of Representatives.  And we were right on the mark.  Since being elected Thompson has been busy pushing his extreme, hard-right agenda, leading the fight on important issues like banning Obamacare in Ohio, banning human-animal hybrids and banning common core.

It turns out Andy has become so extreme, that he’s even trying to ban… Nuns!

In 2012 a group of Catholic nuns took a tour of the U.S. to highlight issues with the poor and to draw attention to planned cuts for aid coming out of Washington.  When Nuns on a Bus visiting Marietta, Ohio, State Rep. Andy Thompson was there to protest the them!


Andy can be seen on a YouTube video of the protest along with a sea of people holding anti-Obama signs, Pro-Romney signs, and signs with anti-Nun and anti-abortion slogans.    The description of the video refers to the nuns as “radical, feminist ideologues.”

Thompson is being challenged this year by Navy Veteran Charlie Daniels.   Daniels was happy to provide us a comment on Andy’s anti-nun protest:

“It’s extremely discomforting to think that State Representative Thompson feels this behavior is appropriate. Not only is it inappropriate, it’s morally and ethically wrong. Rep. Thompson is responsible for representing everyone, not just his own opinions. Unfortunate situations like this can only make us question his ability to represent us all with equal compassion for our concerns. The Sisters were speaking out about helping poor children. Thompson should have been standing with the nuns and commending them for their task. Instead, he participated in a malicious attack against them in order to make a political statement. We need to hold our representatives to a much higher standard than this.”

Video of the protest is included below. Andy appears about 29 seconds in.