Yesterday the World Health Organization announced new Ebola cases could soon hit 10,000 per week in Africa.  Closer to home, we found out today that an Ebola-infected individual visited Cleveland on a Frontier Airlines flight a few days ago.

Mike DeWine’s campaign manager D.J. Eckert, clearly amused by the news of rising death tolls in Africa and Ebola in Ohio, sent out a Tweet attempting to mock David Pepper for his extensive plan to combat the growing heroin crisis in Ohio:


Ohio’s heroin crisis has become an issue during the race for Attorney General with Pepper accusing DeWine of ignoring the crisis for three years.  With no official plan in place at the AG’s office, Pepper offered his own plan to combat the problem.

Eckert seems to think it’s funny to prepare for the possibility that a disease killing thousands in Africa might have infected someone in Ohio.   Personally, when Ebola does eventually pop up here in Ohio, I sure as hell want someone in the AG’s office with a plan to fight it.

He has since deleted the Tweet.

D.J.  Eckert’s previous gig was in Virginia working for convicted VA Governor Bob McDonald.