Remember John Charlton? He’s the spokesman for the Ohio Department of Education who got in hot water after a twitter spat with a charter school critic whom he told to “get laid.’’

The tweet was in bad taste for lots of reasons, particularly the controversy centering on teachers who told the state school board that kids as young as 6th grade were caught on surveillance video having oral sex at a school function —  but officials from the Horizon Science Academy of Dayton didn’t tell parents about the incident.

Eleven. That’s how old you are in 6th grade. So jokes about getting “laid’’ are especially out of line.

After initially defending Charlton, ODE brass made him delete the tweet, apologize and said he could face disciplinary action.

Charlton clearly learned nothing from the incident.

On Tuesday, critics of the same chain of troubled schools headed to the Ohio Department of Education.  They came to deliver petitions that ask the agency to investigate ALL 19 charter schools in the Horizon chain. The request came after the FBI raided several of the Horizon schools in Ohio, and news reports alleged cheating, the hiring of felons and unqualified teachers at other Horizon schools.


John Charlton, associate director of media relations for the Ohio Department of Education

Charlton was the person sent down to accept the petitions. One of the people presenting them was State Rep. Bob Hagan, a Youngstown Democrat who also happens to be running for an open seat on the state school board.

The always genial Hagan handed the petitions to the clearly surly Charlton, then Hagan asked if he could take his picture.

Charlton said nothing, turned his back and walked away – as about two dozen citizens who care enough about education to attend the event stood by and watched in disbelief.

Of all the candidates for state school board, Hagan is generally regarded as the one most likely to succeed.

Can someone please let Charlton know that he works for the taxpayers – and maybe buy him Miss Manners latest book?