When you go to the polls this year, I suggest you ask yourself—-which side is a candidate on?

Educating our students is the most important investment we can make in our future.  We need to elect leaders who will make public education a priority.  The election is happening now!  Early and absentee voting has already started.  As educators, we are keenly aware that we are electing our bosses—officials influence what happens in our schools and classrooms, so the midterm elections are very important for education voters.

When education voters  do not participate in elections, we do not get pro-public education leaders in the halls of power.  Since 2010,, Ohio has balanced it’s budget on the backs of our students.  Millions have been cut from the state education budgets.  Our students can’t vote.  It’s up to us: educators, parents, and community leaders to make choices today that will help ensure that our students have the future they deserve.

So you need to ask yourselves:

Is he or she on the side of those who would continue to divert taxpayer dollars from our local public school districts so more money can go to underperforming or failing charter schools?

Is he or she committed to a more sensible approach to measuring student growth and teacher performance instead of the current over-reliance on standardized testing?

Is he or she supportive of the right s of working people to organize and bargain in good faith for fair wages and benefits?  Or would he or she vote for another version of Senate Bill 5 that would take away those rights?

If you want a list of the pro-public education candidates who will appear on your ballot, you can find it here (ohioballot.com)

Please be informed, be active and above all, vote!


Becky Higgins is President of the Ohio Education Association