John Kasich’s latest campaign ad is titled “Teamwork“.  This November, Ohio’s workers have a chance to show the Governor what REAL Teamwork looks like in Ohio . . . again.



  • dmoore2222

    He must be referring to the Dispatch writing fluff pieces about him, declaring the election over months in advance so dems and independents won’t bother going to the polls, and avoiding any responsibility that a true news organization would have to express outrage that he will not engage in debates with his opponent. That’s teamwork all right. Wouldn’t it would be great to see hm get “Cantored”?

  • Spitfiremk1

    Kasich is the biggest self-promoting blow-gut since P. T. Barnum, and he is using Ohio as his personal circus. What is worse, he has the state legislature to rubber-stamp his antics.

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