The Reynoldsburg Education Association (REA) agreed to contract terms with the school board yesterday after conceding significant amounts in compensation, but breaking through on getting class size “caps” into the contract.  The “caps” aren’t exactly great, but they now exist and can be bargained more in the future.  The inclusion of these “soft caps” also puts the onus on Superintendent Tina Thomas-Manning to put “her money where her mouth is” and ensure that class sizes are managed appropriately and parents’ concerns are heard.

Speaking of money . . . Thomas-Manning got in one final shot at the teachers today – withholding paychecks from the striking teachers for work that was completed prior to the strike occurring.

From today’s REA press release:

Following the settlement of the strike, we were prepared to move forward and return to educating our students next week. Imagine our horror when we discovered early this morning that we did not receive our paychecks for work done prior to the strike. This is wage theft, pure and simple, and we will not stand for it. We are giving the Board until the close of business on Tuesday, October 14, 2014, to resolve this issue and pay the teachers for the work they performed. If the teachers are not paid what they earned by that time, we will file a wage theft lawsuit in the appropriate court. Everyone understands the concept of receiving an honest wage for honest work, and it’s beyond belief that the Board is being so petty. We were looking forward to returning to our students, and it’s very disheartening that the Board could not begin to rebuild our relationship. – REA Spokesperson Kathy Few Evans

An interesting move by a Superintendent who needs to rebuild relationships and regain the trust of the community.


Reynoldsburg Superintendent Tina Thomas-Manning
(614) 501-1023




    Reedy provided procedure for removing school board members for misconduct according to Ohio law:

    • A board member is guilty of misconduct in office if he or she has willfully and flagrantly exercised authority or power not authorized by law, refused or willfully neglected to enforce the law or to perform any official duty imposed upon him or her by law, or is guilty of gross neglect of duty, gross immorality, drunkenness, misfeasance, malfeasance or nonfeasance.

    • The petitioner must file a specific accusation of misconduct in office in Common Pleas Court.

    • The petition must contain valid signatures from people who live in the school district equal to 15 percent of the total votes cast for governor in the most recent election.

    • After the signatures are submitted to the court, a trial must be held within 30 days.

    • If the case isn’t dismissed by a judge, hearings proceed. A judge hears the case though the board member may ask for a jury trial.
    I would be checking the Reynoldsberg Board of Ed policies and looking for areas where thay are quily of misconduct.

  • Natalie

    I would say letting subs that are not qualified in the room with children is misconduct. I would say not providing a safe learning environment is misconduct. I would say withholding pay for time already worked is misconduct. Etc., Etc., Etc.

  • Think.

    The GOP/ALEC strategists who control Thomas-Manning continue to be BULLIES.

  • john curry

    REA, don’t “threaten” to sue for wages theft….file the paperwork and continue on with the lawsuit… even if you are paid at a later date you were still wronged and you have a valid lawsuit! After the board already tried to screw you into the ground don’t give them another freebie!

  • Reynny

    Wait a minute. Caps on class size are NOT a part of the contract. The board agreed to a “goal” of certain sizes, which they were already agreeing to before the strike. This article seems to be painting the picture that the teachers gave up money in favor of caps on class size, which is the opposite of what happened. They got more guaranteed pay increases and less based on “merit” pay and did NOT get “caps” on class size.

  • JON

    John, can you clarify about the board “tried to screw you into the ground” comment. I am very interested on this strike, and from what I have read, which is public information, the REA lead teachers screwed themselves. They claimed to strike for Merit Pay and Class sizes, and they left the table with higher class sizes and lower merit pay than offered before the strike by the board. I’m trying to piece this thing together, but cannot for any means connect the offer the striking union dismissed, with the agreement that they negotiated. Can you please clarify for me?

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