Early voting will finally start in Ohio tomorrow and Ohioans will likely end up on the Ohio Secretary of State’s website to find out where and when to vote.  Unfortunately, the link to the early voting hours page is broken.

The BOE Locations page instructs users to “click here” for “information on in-person absentee voting hours and location.”  But clicking the link takes users to an error page that says “The page you are trying to reach has been moved.”

Voting hours were changed last Monday, the day before early voting was originally supposed to start, and Ohioans effectively lost a week of voting thanks to a last minute appeal by Jon Husted and Mike DeWine to the U.S. Supreme Court.   Voters are already confused by all these last minute changes.   And now, a day before the new early voting start date, they face another challenge caused by Secretary of State Jon Husted’s website.

UPDATE: Shortly after we published this story, the problem was fixed.



Link to early voting hours



Error page