When the Beacon Journal endorsed Democrat Connie Pillich for Ohio treasurer over incumbent Republican Josh Mandel on Sunday , it told us that even a centrist newspaper might only accept so much mischief from Josh. Referring to Pillich, the BJ said “she has proved an effective legislator, engaged, knowledgable and capable of reaching across the aisle”.

As for Josh, his exposed back-channel fund-filled moments comporting with Canton businessman Ben Suarez and other big donors were simply too much to earn him a reprieve from the paper.

After Mandel burst onto the state political scene he created his own parallel universe of Mitty-like references to himself as super patriot, soldier, family man (with online emailed photos of new-born and TV ads with pregnant wife) and, above all, lord protector of the American dream. And therein lay the curdling problem. Small wonder that ever since, he has been the victim of self-inflicted thorns in his side.