When the Beacon Journal endorsed Democrat Connie Pillich for Ohio treasurer over incumbent Republican Josh Mandel on Sunday , it told us that even a centrist newspaper might only accept so much mischief from Josh. Referring to Pillich, the BJ said “she has proved an effective legislator, engaged, knowledgable and capable of reaching across the aisle”.

As for Josh, his exposed back-channel fund-filled moments comporting with Canton businessman Ben Suarez and other big donors were simply too much to earn him a reprieve from the paper.

After Mandel burst onto the state political scene he created his own parallel universe of Mitty-like references to himself as super patriot, soldier, family man (with online emailed photos of new-born and TV ads with pregnant wife) and, above all, lord protector of the American dream. And therein lay the curdling problem. Small wonder that ever since, he has been the victim of self-inflicted thorns in his side.

  • Josh Mandel has brought us so many discussions on his campaign. Here is a short list that I can recall: He went to the Bahamas to speak in front of a payday lender convention. Hawaii was another destination for Mandel as he had a quiet secret meeting with some GOP operatives. Mandel spoke against saving the American auto industry. He supported SB5. And Mandel is against the rights of women http://tinyurl.com/nfppjsj. Those are just a few reasons why no one should support Mandel.

  • anastasjoy

    Some papers have an infinite capacity for overlooking mischief if there’s an R after their name. Columbus Disgrace, lookin’ at YOU ….

  • Rand Swanson

    So much misandry and misinformation from the left it’s disgusting. Such liars. Just like Obama lying about Obamacare and Hillary lying about it being an internet video as she stood over the caskets of the dead from Benghazi. There is no fabrication or lie too low the Democrats won’t slither to. They will say anything, attack anyone, even ordinary people like you and me, trying to have our voices heard. They will send attack dogs like Lois Lerner to stomp out even your right to assemble with the power of the IRS. I have seen Democrats view of what’s just, they think what’s just is only people who think like them. Total intolerance and hatred. I find Connie Pillach totally in line with her Democrat pitbulls with her attack on Mandell. More of the same big government corruption from Pillach.

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