Central Ohio news stations reported last night that fliers were being distributed in Reynoldsburg neighborhoods “outing” individuals who are crossing the picket lines.  The fliers also “cross the line” according to residents who were interviewed.  Here’s a look at one of the fliers from Reynoldsburg yesterday:


These fliers make it look like the teachers union has gone too far by harassing people at their personal residences.  And we have to agree in this case that these fliers DO go too far.  But it’s not the teachers who have gone too far in this case, it’s the School Board’s “strike management company”, Huffmaster.

When Huffmaster was managing the strike in Strongsville, identical fliers showed up in neighborhoods there:


Except for the color of the paper, the format of the letters is identical – font, font size, formatting, and wording.

Now let’s ask ourselves a question — who has the names and addresses of the substitute teachers?  In Reynoldsburg, the school district refused to release the names of the workers, citing security concerns, meaning that only the school district and Huffmaster have all the names and addresses.  And what’s the connection to the matching letters in Strongsville that had names and addresses?  Actually, there are two connections:

  1. Huffmaster, the “Strike Management Company”
  2. Pepple and Waggoner, Ltd – the attorneys for both the Strongsville and Reynoldsburg School Boards; attorneys who specialize in Strike Preparation / Management

The names of the “scabs” have not been publicly released, meaning that the information and the fliers are coming from the inside — one of the two groups hired by the School Board.  This dirty tactic is intended to slander the Reynoldsburg Education Association by making it look like they are engaged in harassing the “temps” at their homes and in their neighborhoods.

This is appalling and the Reynoldsburg School Board and Superintendent need to answer the question of why they are paying for this underhanded ploy.  The School Board and Superintendent have been facing immense pressure from the community while cancelling meetings and refusing to listen to parents.  Now, instead of engaging in meaningful discussions, the district is engaging in dirty politics in a reprehensible attempt to defame the teachers.

And the residents of Reynoldsburg are paying for it – literally and figuratively.


Feel free to contact the leaders of the school district who must have authorized this move:

Andrew Swope, Board President
(614) 864-1175 (home)
(614) 882-8297 (work)

Elaine Tornero, Board Vice President
(614) 759-9735 (home)

Reynoldsburg Superintendent Tina Thomas-Manning
(614) 501-1023