Central Ohio news stations reported last night that fliers were being distributed in Reynoldsburg neighborhoods “outing” individuals who are crossing the picket lines.  The fliers also “cross the line” according to residents who were interviewed.  Here’s a look at one of the fliers from Reynoldsburg yesterday:


These fliers make it look like the teachers union has gone too far by harassing people at their personal residences.  And we have to agree in this case that these fliers DO go too far.  But it’s not the teachers who have gone too far in this case, it’s the School Board’s “strike management company”, Huffmaster.

When Huffmaster was managing the strike in Strongsville, identical fliers showed up in neighborhoods there:


Except for the color of the paper, the format of the letters is identical – font, font size, formatting, and wording.

Now let’s ask ourselves a question — who has the names and addresses of the substitute teachers?  In Reynoldsburg, the school district refused to release the names of the workers, citing security concerns, meaning that only the school district and Huffmaster have all the names and addresses.  And what’s the connection to the matching letters in Strongsville that had names and addresses?  Actually, there are two connections:

  1. Huffmaster, the “Strike Management Company”
  2. Pepple and Waggoner, Ltd – the attorneys for both the Strongsville and Reynoldsburg School Boards; attorneys who specialize in Strike Preparation / Management

The names of the “scabs” have not been publicly released, meaning that the information and the fliers are coming from the inside — one of the two groups hired by the School Board.  This dirty tactic is intended to slander the Reynoldsburg Education Association by making it look like they are engaged in harassing the “temps” at their homes and in their neighborhoods.

This is appalling and the Reynoldsburg School Board and Superintendent need to answer the question of why they are paying for this underhanded ploy.  The School Board and Superintendent have been facing immense pressure from the community while cancelling meetings and refusing to listen to parents.  Now, instead of engaging in meaningful discussions, the district is engaging in dirty politics in a reprehensible attempt to defame the teachers.

And the residents of Reynoldsburg are paying for it – literally and figuratively.


Feel free to contact the leaders of the school district who must have authorized this move:

Andrew Swope, Board President
(614) 864-1175 (home)
(614) 882-8297 (work)

Elaine Tornero, Board Vice President
(614) 759-9735 (home)

Reynoldsburg Superintendent Tina Thomas-Manning
(614) 501-1023



  • Susan Bradenton

    If the names have not been released, than how is it that the REA posted onto its Facebook page a few pictures of protesters holding signs containing the names of some of the replacement workers on Sept. 26th? (although it seems that the union has since removed the post, there are screen captures proving its existence).
    It seems more likely that the Strongsville EA, which has had its leadership showing up in Reynoldsburg, merely forwarded a copy of THEIR despicable fliers to those heading the strike shenanigans of the REA.
    Please quit acting with such a lack of journalistic integrity. It is sickening to see half-truths and misleading “facts” being thrown out there in order to sway and or intimidate people into supporting the strikers who are ruining the reputation of REAL educators and the education of the children they have decided to abandon all for “solidarity” in an agenda that is ridiculous.

  • Stephen P Potter

    Susan, if you saw the signs, you would see that the names were like “Mr. Brown”,”Mrs. Smith”, and even things like “Mrs. S”, and “Mr. K”. The point of that sign was that many of these were obviously fake or completely common names and that we could not get real information about the substitutes.

    I know many of our teachers in our district, and I believe they would not do something like this, especially at this time. It is extremely divisive, even within the supporters, and would serve no logical purpose for them to do.

    The most logical conclusion, particularly since there are now reports of the exact same thing (using the exact same form) happening during other strikes where the law firm and security firm were involved is that it is a tactic to try to discredit the teachers. You are correct, there is a possibility that REA, SEA, or OEA are responsible, but to what purpose and particularly at this time, when the judge has ordered mediation, a gag order, privacy, and the community is so strong behind them?

  • Chasity Channell

    These educators are fighting for the future of education. Overcrowded classrooms are not a way to educate children. There needs to be caps on classroom sizes to insure that student get the attention they need. Real educators fight for their students. Teachers who do not give a damn just sit back and collect a paycheck and make no attempt to inspire change.

  • goofproof

    Names AND addresses. It is more likely someone at Huffmaster simply used the same Microsoft Word template with a spreadsheet of names and addresses to generate both fliers. We have seen Huffmaster strong arming a parent and reporter plus driving vans through picketers. I doubt printing such fliers is a stretch. I find it interesting you assume the strikers are not real educators because they dare speak up against policies harming students and undermining the classroom. Your assumption is that teachers who simply do as they are told and stay silent are the real teachers. I would think parents, after entrusting their children to teachers, would want advocates for children, not pawns to corporate interests or politicians looking for votes. Remember, the reason we have educator unions is because of people with your teacher-bashing mindset.

  • sarahsue14

    I think both sides are dirty. On the news teachers were yelling at the substitutes that were going in to help the special education kids. “You’ll never sub for me again!” one teacher yelled at a substitute who was going into the school. I’m sorry that there’s an issue, but when people start doing personal jabs like that, both sides look like losers who care little to none for the children. Why would you penalize someone who is just going to work by yelling at them like that? Teachers can strike all they want, but I personally draw the line at taunting those that are just trying to help children that really can’t afford to have their education interrupted. That blew that side for me. Now I really don’t give a rat’s behind who “wins” because the kids, especially the special education students, have already lost due to both sides’ deplorable behavior. As a neutral third-party, I have zero support for anyone. It’s time to grow up and behave appropriately.

  • goofproof

    Yelling at subs is not great behavior, but if someone was puposefully trying to attack your well being and destroy your livelihood, most people would likely react the same way or worse. The subs falling asleep in class are hardly in it for some altruistic desire. Likely, you never did support teachers or their speaking up and you were just looking for any reason to dismiss strikers. For the issues to get to this point, a complete failure and breakdown of leadership has occurred. Teachers are constantly demonized and ignored throughout Ohio.

  • Johnny Polansky

    The Subs are Scabs….

  • Johnny Polansky

    Absolutley The Demon here are the three names above…Andrew Swope, Elaine Tornero and the head honcho demon Tina Thomas-Manning

  • Johnny Polansky

    You are a total nincompoop Susan….

  • amyvav

    My district has been on strike. Many of us were driven to the point of shouting and saying things that to do this day we cannot believe that we said. It is an emotional time, and a highly, highly charged atmosphere. The teachers have made a unbelievably difficult choice to strike. In our case, there were some who were philosophically opposed, yet stood with their fellows. Friendships were lost, and family, career, and financial sacrifices were made. These teachers are human, and are reacting on the spur of the moment – exhausted, frustrated, and fearful. Huffmaster has (excuse the pun) mastered tactics that elicit frustration and further exacerbate, rather than calm, the situation. Give the teachers a break. They care. I am confident in saying that the vast majority of them are heartbroken and conflicted about the actions that they have been driven to take. But, sometimes, it takes drastic measures to bring about changes that are, in the end, for the greater good of everyone, especially the young people of Reynoldsburg.

  • Susan Bradenton

    Stephen, the signs in the picture posted by the REA on Sept. 26th listed at least 26 names, and they were not “Mrs. S”…. like you claim. They were full names and there were at least 122 comments made on the photos; many of those were challenging the posting by the REA.
    I agree that doing something like this seems highly illogical, of course so does abandoning a group of students and claiming that it is for their benefit, when it obviously is not.
    While you point out that the same security firm and law firm were used, you seem to forget that the REA is using the same tactics that every OEA affiliated union has used, and they are using labor relations coordinators trained by the same organization.
    It seems more logical to someone who is quite familiar with the tactics of the OEA and other affiliated EAs that the REA used the same form as the SEA did in their strike in an attempt to intimidate those willing to cross the picket lines to help the children.
    I’ve followed the “support” of the REA, and I’ve seen the censorship of the union on those who have challenged their idiotic ways. Posts have been deleted, people have been banned from posting and most of the support seems to be coming from union minded groups, rather than individuals in the community whose children are being used as pawns by the union.

  • Susan Bradenton

    No Johnny, I’m a public school educator who holds two Masters’ degrees and understands that the union mentality is not beneficial to the children within our public schools or to my colleagues who disagree with the ultra liberal political agendas that the unions push (and use our money to support).

  • Susan Bradenton

    Teacher-bashing mindset, you say? I have been an educator within the public school system for over 12 years. No one loves the teaching profession more than I do Goof.
    A real educator does not and will never walk out on his or her students. We stay in our classrooms to ensure that our students are receiving the education that they deserve. We certainly do not pack up our classrooms, harass communities, abandon our students, and disgrace our profession just because an EA president tells us that we should. Real educators have more sense, more decorum, and more integrity than those who incite a strike because they feel overworked and underpaid. That is foolishness and it is not representative of the actions of REAL educators!

  • Susan Bradenton

    Chasity, you have been duped. These union members are being misled by their leadership, and they are now misleading you. Real educators do fight for their students, not from a picket line, but from within their classrooms. If these colleagues of mine (and I use that term very loosely) gave a damn, as you say, they certainly would not be striking over a limited term contract.

  • Michael Smith

    There is no record of a Susan Bradenton in public teacher salary databases in Ohio. Not even anyone with that last name. There also is no one with that last name even licensed to teach in Ohio. Not this year, not last year – not ever.

  • lee

    I am the parent of a student at
    Reynoldsburg schools. Over the years I
    have met, and become fond of many of my children’s teachers. I am also a friend of a retired teacher who
    is teaching grade school at Reynoldsburg schools during the strike. The treatment my friend has received at the
    hands of the striking teachers is abhorrent and in stark contrast to the “WE
    ARE RAIDERS Behavior Expectations” the striking teachers supposedly teach our
    kids. My friend has been called many
    childish names, been “flipped off” every day when arriving to and leaving
    school, and been threatened. Again, is
    this the type of behavior included in the “WE ARE RAIDERS Behavior Expectations”? The icing on the cake was last week when the
    Union (teachers) found the name of my friend and began picketing at her
    home. The picketing teachers were
    witnessed by neighbors placing fliers in neighborhood mailboxes and posting pictures
    of her (with the word SCAB below the picture) throughout her neighborhood. Are these really the type of people we want
    teaching our kids. For all you folks
    blaming Huffmaster , take your blinders off and see who truly has been
    disrespectful and rude throughout this entire strike fiasco. Huffmaster is a business and it is ludicrous
    to blame them for attacking their own employees. Unions, on the other hand, have a history of
    using tactics such as bullying and intimidation. I know it’s
    difficult for many of you to believe that your teachers are capable of this
    juvenile, profane behavior. I too was
    disappointed and saddened. Supporting
    hypocritical teachers whose behavior has been worse than the behavior of the
    children they are paid to teach is something I will no longer do.

  • Susan Bradenton

    Correct Michael. You will not find my maiden name on any state log. That is because my married name is my professional name. I use my maiden name on social media to have privacy from my students and to keep my household safe from the harm that union activists encourage.

  • Michael Smith

    Quite frankly, based on those who you openly associate with in Strongsville and their history of falsifying documents and claiming they’re from the union (along with countless other lies and distortions), you don’t have much credibility to that claim, either, “Susan”. Nothing like creating a false identity just to attack and slander teachers.

  • Joe A Nobody

    So search list of marriage licenses and match up that with your husbands last name and we have you.

  • MKTG

    I’m sorry to hear about the devastation to your community. I hope that readers are outraged about how school districts spend taxpayer funds during a strike rather than negotiate a fair contract–someone paid for the distribution of the flyers and it wasn’t REA or OEA. In Reynoldsburg the community support for the teachers is simply amazing so this is seen as an attempt to destroy that support. Teachers would not give up their paychecks and in some cases, insurance, for no reason. This is far deeper than a teacher strike in a suburban community, it’s also about preserving public education.

  • Susan Bradenton

    You have me, Joe? Is that some sort of veiled threat?

  • Joe A Nobody

    To dox you.

  • Susan Bradenton

    Quite frankly Mr. “Smith”, your challenge of my credibility based on one open association lacks intelligence. I could in turn challenge the author of this article based simply on his open associations and political activism. However, I will chose to base my opinions on the facts (both those within the article presented and those that have been decisively omitted).
    My firm stand against union tactics like those being demonstrated in Reynoldsburg and those that tore apart the community of Strongsville is not an attack on teachers. The fact that you choose not to separate teachers as individuals from union members as a whole shows a flaw in your logic and the opinion you have based on that flawed logic.

  • Joe A Nobody

    “Unions, on the other hand, have a history of using tactics such as bullying and intimidation” And those that the unions try to work with have the same history, in many ways they are worse because while the unions work to make workers lives better and in this case the children’s educations, the school boards only serve the bottom line.

  • I know this is a divisive topic, but let’s try to keep the discussion civil folks.
    ——– Original message ——–

  • MD.Lovejoy

    People..think!! Even if you don’t have children u still pay school taxes. School districts have come t o act like independent kingdoms..does anybody keep track of how school one is spent???? I have special needs child..argued with school on IEP issue..within a day they hired 300 dollar an hour lawyer! Those who know know who that is..that’s common. I have a gifted child who can’t get gifted programs. Teachers have been let go..bus service reduced..many athletes can’t play due to outrageous expense of pay to play…districts pay for gun training for non teacher anonymous employees…are teachers safer now? Please stay involved. There is more here than you have dreamt of in all your philosophy.

  • amyvav

    Your comment about this being far deeper than this particular strike is spot on, I think. It seems logical that the school board and superintendent are being so obstinate at the urging and with the support of other parties. Those in our state who would do away with unions probably see the suburban setting as advantageous to hammering away at the rights of teachers (and others) throughout the state.
    My district is far more Appalachian, and the atmosphere heated up fairly quickly (much to the surprise of the Huffmaster thugs!!). They were expecting docile, easily-intimidated teachers. What they encountered were the third or fourth generation of steel workers and coal miners and trade unionists. It set them back on their haunches a bit. Hang tough parents and teachers!! If you know in your gut that you are doing the right thing for your children, then keep doing it!

  • amyvav

    Thanks for your comment! Things are ridiculous, and the teachers have no voice in what goes on. They are forced to see the things that you describe happen, knowing that they are detrimental to the kids (the whole reason the schools exist in the first place). It is vital that parents and communities everywhere in the state step up and demand the services and support that their children deserve.

  • 333SAL

    The minute I saw that news the other day, I thought “this smells like a tactic of the establishment.” I just couldn’t figure out how. Thanks, PB, for outing them!

  • Stephen P Potter

    “The picketing teachers were witnessed by neighbors placing fliers in neighborhood mailboxes and posting pictures of her”

    Quite strange… if this were even remotely true, it would be all over the news. So far, there’s only been a single person who has come forward and claimed to have seen teachers, and that is the substitute teacher whose husband received the flier. Interestingly, that sub and her husband’s name is “Lee”.

    As for who has been truly disrespectful, we can agree to disagree, I guess. However, I would just like to note that I’ve been out on the picket lines with the teachers on several occassions to see what was going on. I’ve seen them be nothing but respectful to students and parents. I’ve seen them hug students and tell them to behave and do their best. I’ve seen them holding up signs to support the sports teams. I’ve seen then yell “quit trying to steal our jobs, scab” (very minorly offensive) and I’ve seen them block the Huffmaster vans and cars of board members for short periods of time (again, very minorly offensive).

    During this same time, I’ve seen Huffmaster subs flipping off teachers, sleeping in classes, berating adn verbally abusing students, allowing students to be hurt and not reporting it. I’ve also seen the superintendent and board flat out lie repeatedly, claim the teachers planted subs in the schools to cause problems, and blame the teachers for their being unable to provide enough substitutes.

    Are there a few good or bad apples on each side? I’m sure there are. I’m sure there’s a teacher out there who has let their emotions get the better of them. I know there are subs in the schools that are actually trying. But, by and large, I know where the good and bad are from my own experiences.

  • Johnny Polansky


  • Susan Bradenton

    Please don’t forget Mr. Griffin, a fine speech and language pathologist within the district, as the REA has labeled him as “the biggest loser” on the “wall of shame”. Such professionalism should get some attention.

  • MKTG

    Teachers picketing a friend’s house? Not REA, didn’t happen, I checked. Teachers threatening your “friend?” Not REA, didn’t happen, I checked. If there is a witness to the flyer distribution, you need have that person come forward. Who are you really?

  • john curry

    Speaking of Huffmaster and the Reynoldsburg school board one should realize who recently signed on for sponsorship of an Ohio School Board’s Association conference. Check out the Silver Level” of sponsors and
    go down to the fifth one!


  • Johnny Polansky

    Completely WRONG Susan The fake…two masters and an educator..?? then you should be ashamed of yourself for not supporting your brothers and sisters sum bag….

  • teacherveteran

    Susan B is ignorant and verbally abusive. Her logic is so disjointed and devoid of accurate facts. Her attack on the REA is disgusting and so childish. She should take her two Masters and head to the deep South where education in public schools has been on life support for decades. The Superintendent and Swope are small people playing dirty tricks and destroying a very good school district. They are costing Reynoldsburg home owners thousands of dollars as the value of those homes slowly head south due to the evil pair dismantling the school day by day. Degrade the teaching staff, then watch the reputation of the school head south and prospective home buyers will go elsewhere to purchase homes. This “Tea Party” type practice by Swope and the Supt. will cost Reynoldsburg homeowners thousands of dollars unless Reynoldsburg people stop the evil twins.

  • Michael Smith

    Good catch!

    Go two more lines down, though – see who else is there?

    Both Huffmaster AND Pepple & Waggoner are there…

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