Democrats and independents can elect Connie Pillich as state treasurer, it’s simple. All they have to do is vote. That’s it. This bright, honest, dedicated professional, who has seen the good, bad an ugly of state government from a front row seat in the legislature, can be the smart alternative to a Republican who won his powerful jobs four years ago when Tea Party rage was in vogue.

The good news from Friday’s campaign finance reports is that lots of other sane but frustrated people are putting their money where they want their futures to be—and that’s on Connie Pillich. The future of the world is in the hands of women, and a great place to start is right here in the Great State of Ohio.


Clip From Latest Pillich TV Ad

Friends of Connie Pillich released its September monthly filing Campaign Finance Report today, which showed she has added $284,331 to her campaign coffers, increasing her total amount raised this cycle to of over $3 million. Impressive! Pillich has TV ads running that feature her daughter and son talking about “Our Mom.” Josh Mandel, her GOP opponent running for a second term, is best remembered for the expensive [$40M] shellacking he took less than two years ago at the hands of Ohio Senior U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown. Mandel used with success his experience in the Marine Corps Reserve and two short deployments to Iraq. Pillich can see Mandel and call him on that, with an eight year career as an Air Force officer.  Pillich, like Mandel, also earned her law degree.  Unlike Mandel, she passed the Ohio Bar Exam and ran you own law practice.   Pillich also earned her MBA; Mandel doesn’t have one.

Pillich campaign manager Rebecca Keate contrasted the dueling candidates perfectly, “As more and more Ohio families look for a candidate who can take the politics out of the Treasurer’s office, the support for Connie’s professional background and service to her country has been overwhelming as she travels the state.” The report today shows not all Ohioans go brain dead at the site of dusty Marine boots. Pillich’s qualifications as an MBA and Air Force captain resonate with Ohioans, Keate said. “In the treasurer’s race the contrast is clear: working families know Connie stands with them and Josh does not. We are confident heading into the final two months of the campaign that we will have the resources we need to take that message across the state.”

By winning close races in her Cincinnati-area district in 2008, 2010, and 2012, Pillich knows what campaigning today is all about, which is why the smart money is on her winning this race. Voters know a dud when they see one, and Josh Mandel has shown his hand since his early days on the Lindhurst city council, where he got his appetite and lust for public office. He’s shown his brazen ambition time and time again. This is Pillich’s first run for statewide office, and the election environment she finds herself in is totally soured, especially towards Democrats, who perennially play defense, in or out of power. Notwithstanding the optics of this election cycle, she’s kicking it in fundraising. Today’s report, for 2014, stands north of $3 million.

Team Pillich used the good news occasion to tell voters that the Northeast Ohio Media Group and the Plain Dealer endorsed their candidate for Ohio Treasurer. “Pillich has an impressive background of leadership and achievement. She rose to the rank of captain in the U.S. Air Force, earning her MBA along the way. She also ran her own law practice after getting a law degree, and for the last six years has represented a fairly conservative district in the Ohio House despite being a Democrat and a target of Tea Party Republicans.” [Cleveland Plain Dealer, (10/2/2014)]

Americans have seen that Tea Partiers have it out for government, trying to beat it into submission to better serve corporations.  A favorite among the Tea Party set, Pillich’s incumbent Republican opponent, Josh Mandel is as brazenly ambitious as his older and meaner alter ego, Gov. John Kasich, and possesses about as much concern for the public as does Kasich, which is to say, not very much. If it isn’t by, for and of the private sector, Kasich and Mandel just aren’t interested.

For government to be good, good people must work in it.  To help move Ohio’s government back in the right direction, voters can elect Connie Pillich as Ohio Treasurer.